“Orphan Black” recap (3.06): Exes, Exits and Explosions


Previously on Orphan Black, Mrs. S turned Helena into Castor, Sarah got taken by Castor in her hunt for Helena, Gracie got shunned from the Proletheans for not being able to bring her father’s baby to term, Alison became a soap-wielding drug dealer, and Cosima went on her first internet date, where she met the beautiful and charming Shay.

Sarah wakes up in her Castor cell to find the door ajar. She’s wisely hesitant, but also smart enough to walk as far outside as the open doors will let her. When she gets outside, she finds the camp abandoned, until she hears a little giggle. She follows the giggle to Kira, who ribbon dances away, leading her to a blanket fort. Sarah is getting desperate to catch up to her daughter now, so she scurries through the fort.

ORPHAN BLACK 306-1Of course Kira has mastered astral-projection.

But when she gets out the other side, it’s not Kira she sees, but herself, hooked up to Rudy, their blood flowing into one another. It’s not unlike the time in Season 1 when she dreamed she was being tested on and woke up with a probe in her mouth.

Paul meets with a man and gives him the rape log he found at camp, saying that he’s worried they’re doing unsanctioned testing on civilians—unsanctioned and non-consensual, as I doubt most of those girls offered up a lock of their hair willingly. The man tells Paul to get more proof so they can shut it down, and says he hopes it isn’t as twisted as it seems.

Mrs. S and Felix Skype Kira, who is sad her mummy isn’t there, and when they hang up, Mrs. S and Felix are sad she isn’t there, too. She’s been MIA for five days, and all they know about Camp Castor so far is that it may or may  not be in Mexico. Felix is getting antsy without his sestra. Gracie serves them tea, even though Mrs. S is very confused, because the other two kids she fostered were more likely to throw tea in her face, but is glad at least that Gracie is feeling better. Cosima is trying to figure out what’s wrong with Gracie in her lab.

Of course, not RIGHT now.

ORPHAN BLACK 306-2Armporn.

Cosima is woken up by her phone going off, and is informed it has been blowing up all morning. Informed by a half-naked Shay.

ORPHAN BLACK 306-3Abporn.

Shay brings her some juice—complete with a little something for “that cough” she has (sob) and teases her a bit, telling her she’ll have to earn it.

ORPHAN BLACK 306-4Swoonporn.

Then the whole room spontaneously combusts from all the sexy. Okay, fine, it doesn’t, but it WOULD have, if Shay hadn’t killed the mood by asking who Sarah was. Cosima rightly panics—Sarah who? Why do you ask? WHO TOLD YOU THE NAME SARAH?! and Shay’s eyes bug a little and is like, “You said her name in your sleep so I figured it was an ex but maybe it’s a person you killed based on your reaction??” Cosima says Sarah is a friend, someone who is like a sister to her, a wilder version of her. Though why she wouldn’t just say she was triplets for the inevitable day Shay meets Sarah and Helena is beyond me. 

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