The Huddle: Summer TV Shows We Can’t Wait For


There’s a lot of summer TV to look forward to, both new and returning, in the coming weeks. What are you most excited about?


Grace Chu: The inevitable Piper/Alex/Stella shitshow. Bring on the drama! 


Eboni Rafus: I am counting down the days until OITNB returns, but I know I will end up watching the whole season in one weekend because I have no self control. So, I’m also going to be using the summer to catch up on shows that I love but haven’t had time to watch this past year. I’m really, really behind on The Fosters, Reign and PLL. I still haven’t watched Chasing Life or Grace and Frankie. Then there is Season 3 of Entangled with You. I’m also looking forward to Season 2 of Survivor’s Remorse and finally seeing Imogen graduate on Degrassi.

Erin Wilson: Orange is the New Black and Pretty Little Liars!! 

Lucy Hallowell: Pretty Little Liars because there is nothing more fun or more bananas than #BooRadleyVanCullen. And with PLL no one is a dickhead if you haven’t watched every single episode in the first 12 hours.

Chelsea Steiner: PLL and OITNB! Will those girls ever get out of that fucking dollhouse?!


Ali Davis: I am finally pulling out of a years-long cycle of working a full-time day job, freelancing on nights and weekends, and trying to squeeze my own writing in around the edges. I feel like I’m blinking my eyes and looking around and remembering that this thing “television” is still happening, and with shows one can pay attention to and enjoy.

I’m looking forward to OITNB, of course, but I got faintly put off last season by the way pleasurable binge-watching has been supplanted by a weird competition to be the VERY BEST FAN BECAUSE I WATCHED IT ALL FIRST. It’s okay to just enjoy it at your own pace, you know? I will not be shamed for my entirely natural urges to take a break and go outside for a walk or make popcorn. #SorryNotSorry
I want to play catch-up with a bunch of shows, but I’m also kind of dying to hook into a new show that my friends are just starting to watch and following it together. The Whispers might be it.
Valerie Anne: I’m excited about some new shows. For example, The Whispers looks delightfully creepy. Stitchers looks fun. But also, over the past few years, summer went from being the period of time when you could binge all the shows you’ve been meaning to watch, with the occasional light and fluffy summer show bouncing around to being full of real shows that I look forward to! Pretty Little Liars, OITNB, Rookie Blue, Chasing Life, The Fosters, Carmilla, Defiance… what even??
Jenna Duggan Lykes: It’s all been said here, but yeah, the month of June is probably going to straight up kill me dead. Carmilla and PLL in one day ? Nope. IF I somehow miraculously survive June 2nd, OITNB on June 12th will surely finish the job. Also, Valerie mentioned Stitchers and I want to second that one for a couple of reasons: 1) It’s on ABC Family, so the likelihood of lesbians is higher than average, and 2) Allison Scagliotti.
Miranda Meyer: HANNIBAL HANNIBAL HANNNIIIIIBAAAAALLLLLLLL. Oh, man, I love Grace and Frankie more than is probably reasonable. Enjoy that!
Kim Hoffman: More Transparent!
AR Jardine: Ditto on Transparent. (Editor’s note: Transparent is shooting this summer but won’t be back on air until later this year.)
Dana Piccoli: All of these shows are amazing, but I have to admit, I’m dying to see what happened on The Fosters. With the actor playing Jesus leaving, the car accident, Jonner, Lena and Monty’s kiss—whoo boy, there’s a lot going on.
Bridget McManus: So You Think You Can Dance. I just wish this season the judges would pair two women together for the entire show. Now that would be HOT!
Trish Bendix: Besides all of the above, I’m super psyched on the return of Sisterhood of Hip Hop on Oxygen. Bad ass women rappers taking control of their careers, including an out and proud gay one? It’s well-done and so addictive. Will Siya get a new girlfriend? Has Brianna stuck with her momager? Can Diamond and Nyemiah maintain a friendship? Will Bia make her breakthrough? I’ll find out starting June 8.
What TV show are you so excited about this summer?

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