“Orphan Black” recap (3.5): Sapphire Skies


Previously on Orphan Black, Delphine broke up with Cosima not for heart reasons but for brain reasons, Rudy and Seth raped a girl and stole her hair, Gracie had a miscarriage and got exiled from the exiled Proletheans, Mark and Rudy kidnapped Sarah, and Helena chose to mercy-kill a Castor clone named Parsons even though it also killed her plan to escape.

Returned to her cell after her ill-fated escape attempt, Helena is now chained to the wall in an attempt to keep her from escaping again. She’s beaten and bloody, but Pupok has no sympathy. The little scorpion tells Helena she brought this on herself. Helena finds a nail and pulls down her shirt, but Pupok can’t watch the angry angel carve her wings, and instead scuttles out of the cell to the one next door—to the cell containing Sarah Manning.

OB 305-1 Sleeping beauty.

Somewhere else in Camp Castor, Mother and Rudy are examining the dead baby’s bones. Since the baby didn’t have a synthetic sequence, he can’t survive, but they can root out the defect and create a gene therapy from what Rudy calls his baby brother. Virginia eventually kicks Rudy out because Paul is back, saying she’ll debrief Mark and that Rudy should take his 48 hours of leave and be gone.

Sarah wakes up in her cell and starts shouting, until she hears a familiar Ukrainian accent through the grate. Sarah is relieved to see it’s Helena, still alive and well. Helena, on the other hand, is less happy to see her sestra.

OB 305-2 Portrait of an Angry Angel.

She accuses Sarah of being the reason she’s in a cell in the first place, but Sarah promises that’s not what happened. Pupok encourages Helena not to listen to Sarah, and to not tell her anything. Sarah begs her sestra to look at her—she has worked so hard to find her—but Helena won’t.

At Mrs. S’s house, Felix brings his foster mum some tea and they casually mention they’re both worried that they haven’t heard from Sarah, but are both trying not to be too hasty in their worrying. To take their minds off things, Felix tells Mrs. S that Cosima has an internet date tonight and answers Cos’s call. Cosima tells Felix that she really doesn’t want to be there, but Felix makes her promise to give it at least 20 minutes. When she hangs up, Bobby the Bartender gives her some encouragement. Her only tip: Don’t talk about your ex. Cosima asks if she reeks of it and before Bobby can give her a bulleted list of how, Cosima’s date walks in. Bobby gives her sassy approval before leaving Cosima alone with the stunner who just walked in.

OB 305-3The Artist Formerly Known as Kenzi

The first thing Shay says is that she can’t believe her eyes because Cosima’s photos were obviously beautiful but in real life she looks like if a smile and a hug took human form and had a lesbian lovechild. They Shay says she can’t believe Cosima is in the “hard sciences,” but that’s just because Cosima hasn’t told any of her Periodic Table-themed jokes yet.

Shay asks Cosima if this is her first Sapphire date, and Cosima admits that she is, and she rambles when she’s nervous, so Shay decides to ramble, too. She starts by telling her about her own first Sapphire date; the girl would high five Shay every time they had something in common. (Side bar: My first OkCupid date would say “Noted!” and mime writing something in her invisible notebook every time she liked my answer to her question. I feel Shay’s pain.) Shay lists off a few things about herself to get the awkward small talk out of the way, and when she mentions Barcelona, Cosima offers her a high five.

OB 305-4 So perfectly adorkable.

They smile and giggle and I don’t care how much you ship Delphine, if this scene didn’t make you smile, you need to check to make sure no one sold your soul to the devil.

Across town, Art is trying to get in touch with a disconcertingly unresponsive Sarah when little Gracie shows up at his door, saying Sarah had told her to find him if she ever needed anything. Art offers to take her to a shelter that will gladly help a pregnant teenager, but when Gracie admits she lost the baby, he has a better idea of where to take her.

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