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Bailey finds Ben getting supplies for Keith’s surgery, and tells him about her becoming the next chief. He stops to kiss and swing his wife around because he’s the proudest and I love them together.

As they get closer to getting Keith out of the car, Keith starts to worry he’s not going to make it. He asks Meredith to tell Joan that he loves her, but she refuses to entertain it. DON’T DIE ON US, KEITH! Meredith steps away and asks if she can take a minute before they put Keith under. She and Alex take the elevator together, where she asks if Jo’s ok with her and the kids moving in. Oh, and can Amelia move in, too? Being Meredith’s person ain’t easy.

Alex tells her that he and Jo aren’t speaking to each other at the moment. Meredith is not exactly sensitive about their possible break up, but that’s kind of how she rolls. The next thing we see is Meredith cradling Joan and Keith’s baby boy, and bringing him down to see his father. This, of course, gives Keith the jolt her needs, and makes him want to fight to survive. Meredith couldn’t save Derek, but she’s going to do her damndest to save Keith.

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Alex and Jo finally take a moment to talk, and they both apologize for being assholes. Alex breaks the news about Meredith moving in, and Jo is exasperated. She can’t be the meanie who turned away a “sad widow” and her kids. Alex has once again put her in an impossible situation.

It’s time for the parking lot surgery and there are so many big lighting rigs, it’s like Friday Night Lights up in here. Jackson leads the interns through the logistics of moving Keith. If anyone messes up, it could kill the guy. The docs set the clock for five minutes, which is pretty much all the time they have before Keith dies on them. The poor guy is currently being held together with a million clamps, so let’s get this party started. Eager Beaver intern is tasked with holding the elevator, which of course she fucks up. She manages to catch in again just in time for April and the docs to rush Keith down the hall and into it. By the time they get Keith on the table, he’s a total mess and coding.

At the nurses’ station, Amelia and Owen congratulate each other on not managing to kill their patients yet. She mentions Meredith is selling the house, and doesn’t that mean Owen has to leave too? Isn’t his trailer on the property? Anyhoo, she says something about wanting it to work out, which he thinks means their relationship, but realizes quickly he was incorrect. Oh Owen, you poor goober, you.

Alex, unhappy about how they left thing, opens his heart to Jo. “Sad widow is my best friend,” he tells her, but he wants a life with Jo. She’s who he wants to put down roots with. He didn’t think she needed to hear that before, but it would have been nice. Instead of jumping into his arms and all that, Jo tells him that she needs to think about what she wants. Jo, you may have had a super shitty storyline this season, but I am all for you figuring it out.

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In the OR while working on Keith, Maggie asks Jackson what the damn deal is with Richard and Catherine. Jackson is like, it’s simple—they are two geniuses with egos the size of the Space Needle. They love each other but can’t stop trying to best the other. This makes Maggie cry because they are throwing their beautiful love away and now they will never be on the cover of AARP as sexy, older power doctors.

Meredith finds Amelia in the hallway and hands her a gift. It’s her old phone with a voicemail from Derek on it. She tells Amelia to listen to it when she’s alone.

Steph, who has been banned from seeing Joan, brings the interns to visit her in recovery. As soon as she does, though, Joan complains that she can’t breathe, and Steph has to intubate her and release some blood that’s trapped in…frankly, I don’t understand where, and it gushes everywhere. Steph yells to the interns to page Amelia and Callie. Joan is of course rushed back into surgery, and Steph watches angrily from the theatre above. She yells at her interns to shut up when they ask questions, and Bailey points out that Steph is failing them as a teacher. This is a teaching hospital after all, and how will they learn if she treats them like a burden. “Raise your ducklings,” Bailey instructs her.

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When Richard and Catherine act icily towards one another in the lounge, Meredith has had enough. She basically tells that that her husband is dead and here they are, wasting their time to be together by being dicks. Meredith drops so much truth, there’s a crater in the floor beneath her. Richard walked away from Ellis, Adele is gone, surely Catherine has lost someone, too—but now it’s time to get over it. Meredith would love to have even one more day with Derek, and the reasons Catherine and Richard fight aren’t important enough to get in the way of their happiness. It strikes a chord with the couple.

Outside April and Jackson are cleaning up, and April is chomping at the bit to tell Jackson something. She wants to got back for another tour. She feels called to do this type of work and Jackson gets it. It gives her life, and he loves that. However, he can’t handle another separation, and if she chooses to do this, he’s choosing to end things. April is shocked, but after the hellish year Jackson had, he’s trying to do a little self preservation. He points out that April was so focused on her own healing, she never even asked what he was going through.

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In happier news, Joan comes out of her second surgery just fine and she has a new hospital room roomie. It’s Keith! They both made it, and have a life to look forward to together with their son.

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