“Wentworth” recap (3.6): Long Live Fridget


Meanwhile, Joan is starting to sweat the impending investigation into Jodie’s torture.  She tries to bribe Franky into helping her by promising her a favorable parole review, to which Franky is like “Thanks, but I have a counselor willing to propose marriage to me, so I think I’ll pass.” Next, Joan tries to intimidate Bea by getting very close to kissing her.


Joan (and everyone else on this show) should take a page out of Jess’ book. The title of Jess’ book is Revenge: Just Because You’re Crazy, Doesn’t Mean You’re Stupid. Jess has been playing the longest possible game in her effort to wrest Doreen’s baby away from Liz. Since season two, she has been waiting all kitten-eyed and innocent, and this week she finally makes her move. In the cafeteria, she overhears Lucy offering to buy Boomer’s prison hooch, knowing full well that alcohol is Liz’s stress relief, and her stress levels are through the roof. I’m not saying it’s right, but I am saying that if you are going to ruin someone’s life, do so quickly, efficiently, and without anyone knowing it was you.

wentworth6.8 I CAN HAZ BABY?

So last week a bunch of people expressed their disappointment in my fickle nature for climbing aboard the H.M.S. Fridget. To Frerica loyalists, I am truly sorry, but this week actually cements my feelings, because the relationship finally starts to differentiate itself from its doppelgänger.


In their weekly counseling session, Franky complains of being bored of the constant power struggles to be Queen of Shit Mountain. And I think that given the extremes Franky went to last season, the only place to take her character here is “over it.” Bridget is the only remotely amusing toy she has left to play with, and play she does, slinking over to her chair like an alpha dog.


Franky: We’re not here to talk about Ferguson, are we? Or about you. Or about why you’re wearing that new shade of lipstick today. It suits you, by the way. How does it taste?

Bridget: Franky…

Franky: Or about why you cross your legs when I come closer. Or about why you smile when I walk in the room. I know that smile. And I know what it means.

Bridget: Are you trying to threaten me?

Franky: Why would you say that?

Bridget: Because you’re trying to intimidate me and I don’t like it. I don’t respect it.

See, that is the exact opposite of how Erica would have played it.  Erica loved to tussle with Franky, loved to trade wounds. She wanted Franky to pull her down into the darkness she craved. Bridget has a different agenda. She doesn’t fight back because she isn’t a predator. It’s not Franky’s darkness she loves, but the tiny glimmer of light hidden within her. She’s incapable of hiding her attraction, but her lack of guardedness may actually be the only thing that can cut through Franky’s bullshit and find her soft spot. And yes, I meant soft spot in both glorious senses of the term.

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