“Arrow” recap (3.23): Fall of the Demon


Previously on Arrow, Oliver helped Barry Allen catch the Reverse Flash even after he was Al Sah-him, married Nyssa under duress, and let Ra’s release the Alpha Omega virus on his friends with the promise of releasing it on the all of Starling City in before Oliver can officially take over as Ra’s al Ghul.

Oliver and Ra’s al Ghul are in a plane. Oliver nods off for a second, and when he wakes up, he promises Ra’s he was dreaming of his rebirth. Ra’s caresses his weird golden finger claw thing and says someday everything the darkness touches will be Oliver’s. This is the hard part, destroying his whole city, but then he will be ready to ascend to Head of the Demon.

In the dungeon, Oliver’s friends lie still after having been gassed by the Alpha Omega virus. But then Felicity awakens with a gasp. One by one, Team Arrow (and Merlyn) wake up, wondering how on earth they survived that. Malcolm explains that Oliver had to earn Ra’s al Ghul’s trust, Ra’s couldn’t have a single doubt about his loyalty, so he used Malcolm has a distraction and “killed” his friends, but really Malcolm had vaccinated them all.

Arrow 323-1Her side-eye game is strong. As is her hair game.

“I saved your lives,” he says, ever the humble gentleman. He waits for a thank you but instead Felicity just asks him what’s next in this “plan” of his. Merlyn tells them to wait for the thunder.

But really what they were waiting for was the lightning. In a streak of red, Barry Allen zips into Nanda Parbat, impressed with their “hot tub”. He peeps in the dungeon, approving its classically creepy chic vibe, and is all smiles as usual. Felicity calls him Barry, outing him to Merlyn and everyone else, but she was just so happy to see his cute little button face. Once he gets them out of their cell, Felicity tells Barry they need his help.

Arrow 323-2#barryhalp

But Barry and his superpowers can’t stick around; he has a supervillain of his own to deal with. Barry promises that Oliver is still Oliver, and that he needs his friends, now more than ever. He wishes them luck and is gone in a flash.

On the plane, engines start failing, and it becomes clear they were tampered with. Ra’s immediately blames Nyssa, but Oliver stands up and says it was his plan.

Arrow 323-3

He has no intention of letting him obliterate his city. He shouts,”My name is Oliver Queen!” and Ra’s says Oliver Queen is figuratively dead and will soon be literally dead. The other Assassins jump up to fight but Nyssa jumps in to ward them off while Oliver fights Ra’s.

They tussle and end up opening the plane’s loading dock. Ra’s tells Oliver his city will perish and dives out of the plane.

Ra’s took the only parachute, so Oliver and Nyssa go into the cockpit and buckle up. Oliver tells her what to do to be his co-pilot, and together they crash-land the plane in such a way that they both survive.

At the new makeshift Arrow HQ, Merlyn starts handing out orders like he runs the place. Team Arrow looks at him like he spoke another language until Diggle gives them the okay to take those orders. Before any of them can skedaddle, though, Oliver and Nyssa drop in. Nyssa has her arrow drawn, just in case they are perceived as a threat, but Oliver tells her to lower it. Diggle punches Oliver in the face and Nyssa puts her arrow back up.

Arrow 323-4 “Lesbians aren’t safe in finales. CONSTANT VIGILANCE.”

Oliver tells her to stand down again, he expected this kind of welcome.

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