Clementine Ford will set the record “straight-ish” at Don’t Tell My Mother


Keeping stories from our mothers is a universal experience we have all encountered at least once in our lives, but just because we can’t tell our mothers, doesn’t mean we can’t tell the world! Film executive and out lesbian Nikki Levy is giving writers and performers from film and television an opportunity to do just that. Nikki is the creator and producer of Don’t Tell My Mother, a monthly comedic storytelling series which gives actors and comedians a chance to share their true and sometimes embarrassing stories with the audience, all while hoping their mothers never hear.

“I think people like the idea of others being honest but also being funny,” Nikki said. “Truth can be digested really well with humor.”


For the past 3 ½ years, the Don’t Tell My Mother stage has hosted well known performers such as Fortune Feimster, Joanna Kerns and Doris Roberts. While the show doesn’t feature just LGBT performers, Levy does keep a queer element to the show at all times.

“It’s not just geared towards gays and lesbians, but we have a lot of lesbians who come,” Nikki said. “A lot.”

As a lesbian herself, she says most of her stories are about being gay.

“All of my stories are probably about being gay or being Jewish, in some way and in every show I would never not have something that has a lesbian in it, whether it’s my story or someone else,” Nikki said.

At the Mother’s Day-themed show on May 14th, which is the biggest show of the year, you will hear stories from an array of talented performers such as Jen Kober (Anger Management), Eden Sher (The Middle), Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives) and Clementine Ford (The L Word). Unlike most story telling shows, having successful actors share personal events in their lives and make it funny is what sets this show apart.

“Something that is different about this show is having actors who tend to be fearful about reading their own words,” Nikki said. “For stand-up comics, they are used to talking about their lives but with actors, it’s really brave to get up there and share honestly.”

Actor and writer Clementine Ford will be among the story tellers for this month’s show, and will be sharing a coming out story of sorts.

“It’s about setting the record….straight-ish,” Clementine said. In recent years, the actress has come out as bisexual and is no stranger to sharing stories with her famous mother, Cybill Shepherd.

“I keep nothing from my mother. I should probably be embarrassed about that, huh?” Clementine joked. As a mother herself, Ford intends on raising her son the way she was raised, surround by love and acceptance: “The way I grew up, and this is part of my story, sexuality isn’t an issue. It wasn’t ever talked about, the conversation was unnecessary. I was surrounded by love, that was all that mattered.”

When asked what her mother would think of the story she is sharing for the show, Clementine said, “She knows most of it.

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In addition to great stories, sponsor of DTMM, The California Cryo Bank, will be giving away one vile of sperm to a lucky audience member at the Mother’s Day show. That’s right—you can hear funny stories and possibly get pregnant at the same time. Tell that to your mother!

“The California Cryo Bank has a huge marketing presence in the lesbian community and they put a lot of their energy into that,” Nikki said. The Cryo Bank will also be at the show to answer any questions one might have about their process.

Don’t tell My Mother runs once a month at Busby’s East in Los Angeles, CA. If you live in or are visiting LA, don’t miss your chance to hear some great stories and this month, win a vile of sperm! Come and party at 7 p.m. followed by stories and music at 8 p.m.

“Be prepared to laugh and to relate,” Nikki said. “You will laugh at your own dysfunction by hearing folks talk about theirs.”

And if you can’t make the show, we have a special treat: Clementine’s story will be posted on AfterEllen in the next week so those of you not in L.A. won’t miss out.

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