Lesbian neighbors want Marc Maron’s sperm on “Maron”


The IFC series Maron follows comic/podcaster Marc Maron in his single sardonic life in L.A. Season 3 kicks off tomorrow but IFC has given us a new episodes online first and it’s of lesbian interest. Season 3’s second episode, “The Request,” has guest star Cameron Esposito as one half of a lesbian couple that wants Marc (their neighbor) to father their child.

Early in the episode, Marc has a conversation with his intern, Kyle, that indicates he’s not a total douche when it comes to gay women.

Kyle: Don’t you have brunch tomorrow with the lesbians?

Marc: Why you gotta say it so weird? They’re a couple, and they’re married, and they’re women.

Kyle: I like lesbians.

At brunch, the women get to the point: “We have a request,” they ask. “It’s more like a favor. Will you father our child?”

“Why me?” Marc asks. “You know me—I have problems!”

But they insist he’s creative, he has a full head of hair and, “It would really piss off my racist mother if her grandchild was part Jewish.”

After a little bit of soul searching, and realizing he’s pretty much completely alone in the world, Marc goes to tell the women he’s all in. To see what happens next, you can watch the episode below or wait until it airs next Thursday, May 21 on IFC.

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