“The Good Wife” recap (6.22): Wanna Partner

As this year’s final Good Wife episode kicks off, Alicia is chatting with her client Jacob, who’s interested in getting into the medical marijuana business. Alicia advices him that while that’s kind of sort of legal it might be safer to get into another market (maybe open an Etsy store). 
In the living room Peter and Eli come barring cold cuts and news. Peter’s been asked to run for president, which is really just a way to run for vice president, because politics are a mess. A phone call gives Alicia a minute to process the news, until she checks her voicemail, which includes the sounds of a frantic Jacob getting beat up and begging for her help. Eli and Peter leave to give her a little time to process the news, but Alicia is never allowed any processing time, hence the sudden appearance of Mr. Lester on her doorstep asking where Kalinda is on behalf of Bishop. After some light threatening Alicia proves once again she’s great under pressure by making up an imaginary panic button she just pushed and showing Mr. Lester the door.
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With Lester’s visit in mind she hides Kalinda’s note in a coffee can (I mean, I get sentimental value but I feel like when a murderous drug lord is asking after a note it’s time to burn it) and talking with Jacob’s wife realizes the voicemail wasn’t the sound of him being mugged, it was the sound of him being not so nicely arrested. 
Alicia calls Cary to let him know Bishop’s people are super, super interested in knowing where Kalinda went, and his phone call coincides with David Lee’s realization their new paralegal is actually Canning’s wife.
With a little tech know-how Alicia uses her client’s wife’s phone to track down its last location, a super sketchy and seemingly abandoned cross street. Things get significantly sketchier when she sees a police car pull into a crumbling building, which actually houses the kind of pristine white waiting room you’d expect from a Tim Burton movie. A cop who looks like he’s about sixteen tops tells her Jacob is there, but then he’s promptly corrected by a much older cop who forcibly removes Alicia to the street. I feel like everything might not be entirely on the up and up with this squad.
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Alicia talks to Finn about the shady squad and he immediately recognizes it as a place officers sometimes take people without technically arresting them, getting around the need for those pesky Miranda rights. But, apparently our legal system can be a lot like a restaurant, because Finn assure her if she keep complaining, she’ll get her client and a complimentary dessert. And he accepts her offer to start a firm (and continue their palpable sexual tension), meaning he’s on operation Free Jacob too. Unfortunately the police lawyer holds they don’t have Jacob, and the judge rules Alicia and Finn need more evidence that Jacob’s actually being held before they can make them produce him.
Diane has a quick sit down with Mrs. Canning who assures her she won’t be a spy for her husband. Before Diane can question that too much, however, Mr. Lester shows up, again asking questions about Kalinda. Cary show’s up to join Diane in her angry glaring (not that she ever needs any help with that). He shoots off a quick warning e-mail to Kalinda only to get a mail failure reply, because Cary still hasn’t figured out Kalinda is much, much smart than him.
In a decent reenactment of the How I Met Your Mother couch, Grace and Zack are sitting down to hear their dad’s latest bombshell-he’s running for president (er, vice president). Zack is jazzed with a kind of laughably immature vibe (you’ll be one metro stop away!), while Grace gets super real, real fast asking if her parents will still have to pretend to be married. Peter is ready to really dig his heels into their faux-domestic bliss, but Alicia isn’t ready to lie to their kids. She tries to call his bluff, saying he already decided and is just asking their permission for appearance, and when he denies it she tells him she doesn’t want him to run.
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Alicia goes after baby cop, telling him Jacob has epilepsy and will be dead if he’s not released soon. When baby cop expresses some doubts, Alicia gives him the number of Jacob’s “doctor” who tonight will be played by Finn. While waiting for the call Finn admits he and his ex-wife are dating again, putting a slight wrench in next season’s probable rhythm of victory kissing and sad loss kissing between the two new partners (but only slight). And baby cop takes the bait, calling Finn and proving he’s never seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

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