“Orphan Black” recap (3.4): Unhappy Mother’s Day


Previously on Orphan Black, Gracie married Prolethean Mark after Helena’s fire interrupted his mission to get something back from Johanssen, Duncan left behind a code in a book that could be the answer to the clones’ genetic sequence, Alison took over Ramon’s drug circuit under the guise of a soap-making business, Cosima found out that the Leda and Castor clones are more related than they thought and Mark got hunted down and shot by Grace’s mother, Bonnie.

When Gracie’s mother comes out of the field with the swagger of a serial killer in a horror film and the sneakers of a mall walker, she beelines for the barn, causing Sarah to scurry away. Sarah grabs Mark’s gun from the ground and ducks into the field to find her brother. He’s still alive, just bleeding a lot. Mark walks Sarah through tying off his leg wound and she complies, then starts dragging him to safety. He asks her why she’s helping him, but she tells him to shut up. Which is Sarah Manning for “because family is all I know of love, and we’re not that different, you and me.” Sarah sees Bonnie’s backup show up and tells Mark she knows he doesn’t trust her but it’s “come with me if you want to live” time.

When she can’t find anyone on the farm, Bonnie takes Gracie to someone named Mr. Appleyard’s house, and he is old and blind and creepy because he touches Gracie’s belly and grows concerned.

Meanwhile, at Castor HQ, Helena is feeling a bit more like her old self because she was given some noms.

Orphan Black 304-1 Needs sugar.

When she gets the bone of the chicken she’s devouring, her devilish little mind starts to whir. She tourniquets her arm and hides it under her sleeve, then goes apeshit in her cell. Literally, flails and screams like an ape whilst flinging her shit. She bashes her head on the bars of the door, which means they have to take her to the infirmary. The soldiers shoot her up with meds and the naughty little minx obediently slumps to the ground.

Across town, Cosima calls Alison to see how things are going in her parallel universe. Cosima says she feels great because Kira’s stem cell treatment is working, and Alison says her school trustee election is going better than anyone could have anticipated.

Orphan Black 304-2 “Suburbia is confusing.”

The clone call is cut short when Donnie flits into the room in a dither because he noticed a car following him today and “calm, cool and collected” aren’t words in his vocabulary. Alison thinks the car is Marci spying on her, but Donnie reminds her that they’re committing a felony or three on the regular so it could be the police. Alison decides that, just to be safe, they’ll put all of their paraphernalia in a storage unit, and be back in time for swim practice.

After finding an abandoned house nearbyish, Sarah offers to call an ambulance for Mark, but he says that would be like painting a target on his back. Mark says his stomach shot is through and through anyway, but they will have to remove the bullet floating around in his leg. Sarah says she’ll agree to help, but she’ll want answers as payment in kind.

Orphan Black 304-3Because ew.

At Castor HQ, SoldierClone is called in to escort Helena back to her cell, but they say he can take his time since the angry angel will be out cold for at least an hour. Pupok appears by Helena’s side and guides her through her mission: Scout for an exit and get back in bed before anyone notices she’s gone. Helena tells Pupok she’ll be “quiet as church mouse” which surely the nun-raised assassin has plenty of experience with.

Despite Pupok’s insistence that she hurry, Helena stops to look through a fan vent to see another Castor clone who is being experimented on and who does not look very happy about it. Maybe partially from the shock of it, but also from the drugs coursing through her veins, Helena slumps down, dangerously close to unconsciousness. Pupok snaps her back to attention like that little voice that tells you you’ve overslept for work. Pupok says they need to get back before it’s too late, so she stumbles like she has just been shot by her sestra and needs medical attention STAT.

When SoliderClone gets to the infirmary, Helena’s bed is empty, but he’s relieved to find her on the floor instead.

In the abandoned house, Mark is basically performing surgery on himself while Sarah runs in circles because she has no interest in digging a bullet out of someone’s leg with her bare hands. Also she wants to know where her sestra is. Mark says Castor HQ is mobile and he’s been out on his mission for over a year, so he doesn’t know where Helena is. He would pinky swear, but he needs her finger so she can stick it in his bullet hole. After pouring some vodka on the wound and taking a swig herself, Sarah finally does it. After she feels the bullet, confirms that it’s not buried in the bone, and pulls out her finger, both her and Mark start gagging, but miraculously neither of them pass out, as surely would have happened if this were a situation my brother and I were in.

Orphan Black 304-4 Sorry, bruh.

Mark tells her to dig the bullet out with the pliers, and to her credit, she doesn’t walk out right then. She instead uses the leverage of having a household tool buried in Mark’s flesh to talk more about Projects Castor and Leda. Sarah says she knows the Castor clones get sick, because the Leda clones do too. Mark confesses that they thought Johanssen had stolen some of the original DNA samples, and that’s why he was assigned the case. Sarah gets the bullet out and dumps more booze on the wound, relieved that ordeal is over. Mark presses his head against Sarah’s forehead and thanks her; he might not have done the same for her.

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