“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (5.4): When God Opens a Window


Rewind is a weekly mini-recap following the Syfy broadcast of Lost Girl. Read the full episode recap here.

They say sharing is caring, but I think roomies Tamsin and Bo may be taking it just a Tad too far. Tad, get it? Tad, the boy toy? I know, I know. I’m much more interested in what kind of Chinese food Bo picked up than Tad, too.


But before Tamsin can get to the spring rolls, another delivery boy bursts in. Well, he looks like a delivery boy, except he is not carrying any pizza. Instead he is just carrying a cocky attitude. He has come to seek Bo and Tam-Tam’s help as private investigators. Aw, like the good old days. Dammit, now I miss Kenzi.

Meanwhile, Lauren is making like Downton Abbey and following a well-dressed butler. Said butler takes her to the mistress of the manor, one very human, very rich Evony Fleurette Marquise. Evony confirms that she is indeed the one bankrolling Lauren’s clinic. But it’s not for altruistic reasons, naturally. It’s so Lauren can develop a reversal serum. Asking her to undo her own Magical Vagina? Harsh, Evony, harsh.


Bo and Tam-Tam hunt down the faux delivery boy/Little Shit who has taken off with a bunch of their valuables. Turns out he is a con man–well, con boy. And he really is being hunted, but by a hunter with bad aim. Because he misses again and hits Bo. Tamsin pulls out the arrow and helps Bo back at the Succu-Shack.

But it’s not just healing Tamsin wants to provide–sexual or otherwise. The soft, eagerness in her eyes gives her true intentions away. Poor Valkyrie’s got it bad.


Just then Lauren walks in because this show just can’t resist its triangles. Lauren’s shock at seeing Bo “healing” with Tamsin gives way to her geekery at the science of Bo’s non-healing. The arrow she was struck with was some sort of Fae kryptonite. Lauren tells Bo that she has always benefited from “a human touch” and Tamsin retorts by planting a big one on Bo instead. See what I was saying about how this show loves triangles? 


The Little Shit reemerges at The Dal with a plate full of chicken wings. Tamsin and Bo continue to be displeased with him, well, at least Tamsin is. Bo gets all swoony when he kisses her because there’s something really familiar about him. Put a pin in that because we’ll want to return to this discussion later.

Right now we have to deal with the hunter who has returned. But don’t worry, they wanted him to come back. Lauren is there to get all Dirty Harry on his ass (well–more accurately–his back). She pumps him full of tranquilizers and pops the kid, too, for good measure. This is what happens when your high school PETA president finally gets to work out her aggression on the world’s hunters, folks.


There’s also a storyline this week about Vex and Dyson being unlikely, unliking-each-other partners while working on the case of some dead humans. There’s a lot of anger and male posturing that ends with Dyson almost blowing Vex’s head off. But all this unfettered male aggression at least leads him to a breakthrough in the case. All the humans were killed in ritualistic sacrifice. So that’s something, right?

Meanwhile, Bo sleeps with the Little Shit because he seems so familiar or whatever. I’m going to pretend this never happened because it’s super age-inappropriate and gross. Lalalala. Not happening. Lalala. Afterward Bo also wishes it didn’t happen because the Little Shit has taken off, again, this time to kill the hunter.


You see his people have been killing their people, and vice-versa, forever. Their people have ancient grievances and all that crap. Dyson arrives and recognizes the Little Shit as a shifter who hasn’t shifted yet. Then back at the Dal the two broody shifter men brood identically. So Bo realizes they’re father and son. Looks like she definitely took that like father like son thing way too literally earlier. Yep, I was right to pretend the whole thing didn’t happen. Lalalala.

Evony arrives to threaten Lauren with some ancient Fae evil in a refrigerator box. Really, how scary can anything that needs to be plugged in for freshness really be?


While Dyson is busy wolfing out and killing the hunter (sometimes he has to let the bad dog out, OK), Bo and Tamsin are back at The Dal having a heart-to-heart about OTPs. Bo tells her that DyBo is totally friendzoned right now. Tamsin tells her she thinks Valkubus might be endgame. I’m paraphrasing. Then Bo leaves to go see Dyson who has just eaten a hunter’s dinner. He says something about her making a good Big Sis for his Wolf Pup. I swear, this show takes glee in giving its fandom and all its various shippers new and creative coronaries each week.







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