“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.23): Tunnel vision


At the scene, April tells the rest of the docs that the jaws of life won’t work on Keith, and in fact will only kill him. He’s a goner—a “black tag,” which is Army triage speak for “gonna die soon.” April sends Maggie, Meredith and Amelia back to the hospital to help with the injured, as the Fire Chief decides to cut Keith out and hope for the best.

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Notetastic and Eager Beaver are supposed to take Joan to the ER, until they start talking about her possibly dead fiance like she isn’t two feet away from them. Joan starts to panic and is having trouble breathing, so Notetastic loosens her neck brace and Joan accidentally dislocates her own neck. Oh christ. Steph and Andrew rush in to try and save Joan from paralysis, and that’s when Andrew reveals that he’s only an intern. Joan can’t feel her contractions or anything else, and Callie and Arizona join Steph to try to minimize the damage.

In Scott’s ER, Jo tries to convince Alex to go and do a tour with the Army, but Alex wants nothing to do with that plan. The kid is flatlining but his heart finally kicks in, much to Owen’s relief.

Meredith, Maggie and Amelia arrive back at the hospital, but Amelia has been stewing the whole ride over. As Meredith tries to say they did all they could, Amelia loses it. It’s not about Keith, it’s about Derek. Amelia wants to know how Meredith gets to be the one to decide when someone lives or dies.

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Richard tells Catherine the good news, but she’s not as happy as he hoped she’d be. She’s still pissed and because of that, she’s declares that she’s choosing the next Chief.

Amelia finds Meredith in the supply room and closes the door behind her. All the pain of losing her brother and not having any say in the matter comes rushing out. Amelia didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye. Maybe she could have saved him, but Meredith robbed her of that chance. When she leaves, Meredith crumbles for a moment before pulling herself together and getting back out there.

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Bailey finds Richard staring at the mostly eaten trays of reception food. He explains that he may have argued his way out of a wedding, and maybe it’s just his destiny to fail at the marriage thing. Work is his passion and it’s always what he chooses when the chips are down.

Callie, Arizona and Steph get Joan into the elevator, and in a happy turn of events, she regains feeling. That includes contractions. Yikes!

Owen and Jackson bury the ax, since the procedure worked after all. Jackson admits that things with April have been very weird since she got back, and Owen is like, “Yeah, that happens when you follow my advice.” He tells Jackson that seeing what April saw changes a person and to give her time.

Jo and Alex fight some more about her desire to work with the Army, because Alex is finally settled. He loves his job, his home, his friends, and doesn’t want to go on an “adventure” with Jo. Now Jo and Alex have been drifting in little ways all season, and this fight really shows all the cracks that have developed in their relationship. He walks away, telling her to do whatever she wants to do. When Meredith finds Alex, she asks if she and the kids can stay with him for a little while, since her house no longer feels like home without Derek. He, of course, agrees.

There’s no time to get Joan into an OR, and she delivers the baby right there in the elevator. They manage to keep her safe but what should be joyous is clouded with sadness, as Keith’s fate is uncertain. “He should be here,” Joan keeps mumbling, as Arizona puts the baby on her chest.

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Maggie is on the phone with her mom, having somewhat of a distressing conversation, when she gets a page. She has to hang up and when she runs into Meredith, she’s trying to hold back tears. Amelia joins them as they head into the ambulance bay. There they find April, standing on top of a tow truck bed like a regular Superwoman. She brought Keith and the entire damn crushed car with her. Now he might have a chance.

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