“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.23): Tunnel vision


Jo literally runs into two “dorky” teenagers looking for their friend who was badly injured in the accident. His name is Scott, and it turns out that he’s in the next room, and doing very poorly. They witness their friend crashing before Jo can close the curtain.

In another room, the pregnant and injured patient Joan (played by out actress Heather Matarazzo) is being attended to by Steph and Andrew. Steph kicks out the interns who have zero tact, and Joan talks about how her fiance and the father of her child is still missing. They got pregnant on the first date, so they have just been getting to know each other these last nine months.

At the collapse scene, the docs show up and it ain’t pretty. There are injured victims and rubble everywhere and a firefighter leads the docs to a smashed car, with Joan’s fiance Keith inside it. Keith’s had better days.

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The poor guy is impaled in two places, and coughing up blood, but Meredith assures him she’s seen way worse.

Arizona and Callie team up to treat Joan, who has a broken bone in her neck and a baby on the way. It’s so nice to see Calzona working together so calmly, but in another way, they almost feel like just colleagues. It’s still a weird transition for the audience, even if it’s been over a year for them.

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In another ER room, the docs are struggling to keep the teen boy alive when Owen comes up with an idea to drain out all his blood and replace it with cold saline so they can get him into the OR. Suspended animation, yo. Jackson is thoroughly against it. Richard and Catherine are also in the ER, and they decide to postpone the wedding in order to help more patients. Richard is so grateful that Catherine gets him, but that is soon to be put to the test. They hear the ruckus of Owen and Jackson arguing about the risky procedure, and Catherine sides with her son, while Richard gives Owen the go ahead.  Unfortunately, Scott’s friends overhear the whole thing.

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At the scene, the docs are struggling to get the access they need to help Keith. As Maggie tries a different angle, Keith tells Meredith about how he’s fallen in love with Joan, even if they did this all backwards. Then he coughs up some more blood.

Bailey runs into Intern Brian Krackow who has delicious nibbles on a plate in one hand, and lab samples in the other. Gross. She steals some yummy brie thing and send him off to do his job. In the lounge, Catherine has all the food for the reception sent over, and Arizona is trying to nom as much as possible while she can. “How many sliders do you think I can eat in two minutes?” she asks Bailey. Be still my heart, Arizona. That’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever said. Arizona rambles on about the new chief and how Owen should just pick it and spare them all the applicants. Bailey doesn’t get much of a word in edgewise but she does find the crabcakes.

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When Jo finds the teens to see if they’ve reached Scott’s parent’s yet, they confront her about the dangerous and unproven suspended animation procedure. (They’ve been researching it on their phones because nerds.) Jo reads it herself and as they are draining Scott’s blood, Jo comes into the OR to tell everyone that Owen failed to mention that this has only worked on pigs. Welp. Alex says it’s too late to go back now, so they have 90 mins to do what they need to do.

Catherine and Richard argue about the suspended animation, as Catherine is worried that if it doesn’t work that the hospital could be putting their surgical program at risk. She also reminds him that she’s an owner of the hospital, and he’s just the “interim Chief.” The same intensity that Richard loves about Catherine, is also the thing that often puts him at odds with her.

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