“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.22): Like Old Times


A year ago Jane was eager to plan her high school reunion. She even volunteered to make a speech at the reunion. Today, Jane is more than thrilled to remove the event from her calendar. Single, unemployed, and pregnant, Jane doesn’t feel at all accomplished. Xiomara and Lina convince Jane that she has accomplished a lot and that she needs to attend the reunion.


Luisa is still with Juicy Jordan. We only get a snippet of Luisa and Juicy Jordan together while sitting with Rafael in talks about whether or not to sell the hotel. Rafael confesses to Luisa that he can’t go long-term without her. It’s been two weeks since he last saw Jane, the day that she quit, and we can see that it’s been hurting him. The truth is, Rafael doesn’t want to be without Jane.

Jane goes to the hotel to speak with Rafael about her plans to file for primary custody and Rafael flakes out on professing his feelings for Jane. Jane tells him that she doesn’t want the baby anywhere near the hotel with Luisa, Petra, and Magda there. Rafael promises to ban Magda from the hotel, but that still leaves Petra and Luisa. Rafael then offers to get an apartment outside of the hotel.

Jane checks in with Michael about Luisa. He’s been watching her every move and confirms that Luisa has not been in contact with Sin Rostro. In fact, no one knows Sin Rostro’s whereabouts. Michael then invites Jane to an award ceremony, as his date, for his hard work on the Sin Rostro case. Jane agrees to go with him, but as friends.


Rogelio and Xiomara are practicing for their big Vegas performance together. Rogelio tells Xiomara he can feel her out there, “desiring me” and this ends the practice session for the day. Rafael is too focused on trying to impress Mitchell Murray, a director. Mitchell will direct a revival of Jesus Christ Superstar, which Rogelio plans to land the lead role of Jesus.

Petra is thrilled that she has Rafael practically to herself these days without Jane around. She honestly believes that she is going to get him back.

Jane goes to the hotel to meet with Lina so they can head to their high school reunion, where she runs into Petra. “Can we talk?” she innocently asks Jane. Petra admits that Rafael is miserable and tells Jane she would never harm her child and has no ulterior motive. But we all know that she just wants to look like the bigger person in Rafael’s eyes.


Jane picks up her name badge. “Most likely to succeed” is written under her high school photo while Lina’s reads “Most likely to be a reality star.” Alex Mendez, Jane’s high school crush actually remembers her name. He sits and chats with her but when they get up to grab some food, Jane’s baby bump practically knocks him in the face. Alex freaks out and runs off before Jane can get a word in.

After Jane’s speech, Stephanie Kovakovich, Jane’s enemy in high school, apologizes for how she treated Jane back then. All this time Jane thought Stephanie disliked her because Xiomara dated Stephanie’s father but the real reason Stephanie didn’t like Jane was because of a boy. Stephanie devised this whole plan that ended with her getting the guy and a lie going around school about Xiomara. Xiomara is what makes Jane vulnerable, so that’s where Stephanie made sure to hit Jane the hardest.


That night Jane folded onesies while she chatted with Michael via text. Their texting led to talking on the phone late into the night, just like old times. Taking Michael’s advice about realistic goals, Jane lets Xiomara and Abuela know about her new decision to enroll in graduate school for writing.

Jane and Rafael go for a checkup on the baby and Jane is right on track to deliver on time. Rafael might not even be in town for the birth because of an upcoming business trip. Back at the hotel Rafael thanks Petra to talking to Jane. He’s still heartbroken about Jane filing for custody of the baby all because of Magda still living in the hotel.

Petra runs back to her room and tells Magda to call Michael and confess to pushing Abuela down the stairs. She wants Magda to lie and say that while Petra was in the shower she pushed Abuela down the stairs. She wants her own mother to confess just so that she can get Rafael back. Magda owes her one. Petra promises to take care of her once she’s out of prison.


And just like that Magda is arrested and thrown in jail. Seems so simple, right? Well, what they didn’t initially show us during that checkup was that Jane and Rafael came up with a plan to remove Magda from the hotel. Jane took the advice of the mean girl Stephanie. She used Petra’s vulnerability against her. Jane admitted to Rafael that she doesn’t want to keep the baby away from him. They both know that Petra wants Rafael back, that she’d do anything to get him back. She’d even turn in her own mother.


Rafael decides not to go on the business trip. He doesn’t want to be away while the baby is born. Luisa and Juicy Jordan make Rafael call Jane, to tell her how he feels. Xiomara sees that Rafael is calling Jane’s phone and sends the call to voicemail. Why would she do this? Because Michael and Jane are outside on the porch talking like old times. He went over to celebrate Magda’s arrest with them and Michael admits that in a perfect world he wants more. But, Jane just wants to be friends and he’s fine with that. And yet, when Michael leaves, the look on Jane’s face tells us that she wants more too.