“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (5.03): Big in Japan


Rewind is a weekly mini-recap following the Syfy broadcast of Lost Girl. Read the full episode recap here.

Bo is determined to paint that girl right out of her apartment, though every lesbian and bisexual fan wish she were washing that wolfman right out of her hair instead. Bo is giving her place a much-needed coat of paint with Dyson when she totally loses her appetite.


After succubus interruptus, Dyson goes to see Lauren about some dead body. She gets a telemarketer call, but our wolf knows it was secretly a death threat. Dr. Hotpants has been getting a lot of those since she turned the Morrigan human. Dyson is worried and Lauren tries to pretend she isn’t worried. But then something goes bump in the night and she tries to attack the night janitor with her toned arms and vicious broom.

Back at the Suck Shack, Tamsin brings drinks and terrible snacks, so they decide to go out for the night. A jerk in a fancy car tries to pick them up. Instead of listening to their Skeezy Guy Warning instincts they decide to take him up on his offer. They wake up the next morning in bed, but alas the dude is still there.


Before the show turns into bad pay-per-view, we learn he’s there because a hit has been taken out on him. So he wants Bo and Tamsin’s help. The dude in question also just happens to be a great warrior Musashi of some legend about a great Fae battle. He’s exalted among Fae, but mostly we just think he’s a jerk who picks up chicks in his overcompensation mobile.

Lauren goes to find Dyson at his gym to do something about her death threat problem. She asks him to train her to protect herself. But first, like a good lesbian, she insists he put his shirt on first. So they agree to find something that works for her, which probably won’t be boxing.


Bo’s hurt when the assassin comes to attack Musashi, but then he commits seppuku when he realizes who he was assigned to kill. When she can’t feed off Tamsin, Bo goes to see Lauren for some healing, sexual or otherwise. But it doesn’t work with the good doctor either. Call 911, this shit just got serious.


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