Kate French joins the cast of “Gossip Girl”


Actress Kate French seems to have her finger on the pulse of the lesbian zeitgeist. First, she showed up on our radar as Jenny Schecter’s love interest (and star of Lez Girls) on The L Word.

Then she played a cute college co-ed on South of Nowhere. She may have been nowhere near Spashley, but she was involved with the show nonetheless.

Continuing on her quest to guest on shows lesbians love to watch, French has signed on for a three episode arc of Gossip Girl this season.

Now I realize that Gossip Girl has just as many straight viewers as it does gay (the same could arguably be said for The L Word), but I’d really like to think that we make up a good chunk of the audience, and the casting directors know it. They have to — or else they’re just really, really good at their jobs.

French will reportedly play a “nanny with a mysterious past” and will somehow be involved with Chuck Bass, which I’d like to read into as “shares heated scenes with Blair.” No word yet on when the episodes with French will appear, but she will be back on The L Word for its final season, so she’s going to be on our TV screens again sooner than we know. (Actually, I’m sure you know — it’s only a week from this Sunday.)

Until then, I’d like to appreciate Kate French as a Women’s Health cover model.

Flat sexy abs indeed!

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