“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.20): Melee at the Marbella


The episode began where the last episode left off, with Jane and Abuela in the car. Abuela tells Jane everything she remembers from the night Magda pushed her down the stairs. Jane wants Abuela to go to the police, but Abuela is too afraid because of her immigration status.


Jane and Rafael go for a checkup where they find out the baby is breached. Jane wants to avoid a C-Section so she tries different exercises and remedies to help the baby turn. Some that include walking around on all fours and playing music in her pants.

Dina, head writer from The Passions of Santos, shows up with cupcakes that are dressed with Rogelio’s face and begs him to go back to the show. Their ratings plummeted once he left. He tells Dina he has to think about it, but we all know he’s bluffing, especially when he does a happy dance after closing the door on Dina.


Luisa finally returns. All this time she was in Peru getting over Rose, which pretends to be. To prove that she’s over Rose, Luisa brought along her new girlfriend, Juicy Jordan, who is a pro wrestler. Luisa is back primarily for business. She takes back her shares and plans on righting the wrongs of the hotel.


Luisa and Juicy have an idea for raising money, Melee at the Marbella: a wrestling match with Juicy Jordan against her nemesis, Candy Crunch.

Magda wants to prove herself to Petra, so she takes a job cleaning dishes in the kitchen. Jane confronts Magda about what she did to Abuela. “If that were true, then I’d be in jail,” Magda says and then continues on with her work. Jane tells Petra what Magda did, attempted murder and Jane says she will make sure that Magda pays for it.


Jane and Abuela tell Xiomara about Magda. Xiomara says they should go to Michael because he was the one who saved Abuela from deportation when she was in the hospital. Jane is surprised when she hears this and asks why Xiomara never told her. Michael never wanted Jane to know. Once Jane learns about this, she goes directly to Michael and thanks him with a hug. Michael might not have wanted Jane to know what he did, but he sure is loving the attention from her.

Shortly after, Petra receives a phone call from the police requesting that she and Magda go into the station for questioning. Magda and Petra come up with a lie stating that they were both in the room, together, watching TV when Abuela knocked on the door and that the man Abuela saw in the room was probably just the voice of a man on the television. Michael knows they’re lying but isn’t worried about it.

Michael tells Jane to avoid Magda at all costs. But in the locker room Magda mentions that she looked up Abuela online and found no trace of her. She threatens Jane with immigration unless she and Michael back off.


During the wrestling match Jane tells Rafael what Magda did to Abuela. Petra interrupts and banter between the two ensues. Cut to a fantasy wrestling match between Petra and Jane, where Jane wins with a belly bump move. Back to reality, Jane storms off and Rafael tells Petra that Magda needs to find a job elsewhere.

Xiomara apologizes to Rogelio. She asks Rogelio to give her another chance but he tells her no. They’re interrupted by a fan taking a photo of Rogelio. Jane gets an idea by seeing this happen. She goes off to look at photos online from the night of the party when Abuela was pushed down the stairs. She wants to find a photo of Petra at the party to prove she is lying about being in the room with Magda that night. Jane can’t find a photo with Magda, but she does find a photo that shows a clear view of Ivan in Magda and Petra’s room the same time the party is going on. Jane heads back to the wrestling match and calls Michael. “We got ‘em.”

Michael goes to the hotel to question Petra about the man in her room that night and shows Petra the photo of Ivan. She claims she called a plumber that night. Michael demands a phone number or an invoice. Petra knows she’s screwed.


Luisa meets with Rafael and suggests they have a wrestling match every month. Rafael can’t take it anymore and admits that he and Petra were just trying to get Luisa to vote their way. He says he gave up everything, including Jane. Luisa is confused. Remember, she was gone for quite some time.


Luisa and Rafael used to be close and spoke to each other about everything before she impregnated Jane with Rafael’s sperm. They have a heart to heart where Rafael tells Luisa everything she missed. Luisa believes that Rafael gave up the wrong thing. “People don’t wait. They move on,” Luisa tells him.

Jane has a breakdown when she almost sets her room on fire with one of those remedies she found online. Abuela comes into the room just as the fire is starting. She yells at Jane for not thinking. All this time Jane was playing it cool, but now it finally hits her that she’s going to be a single mother and has to do everything on her own. That night Jane awakes during her slumber and feels the baby turn.

Michael finds Ivan and during questioning, he asks Ivan what he was doing in Petra’s room that night. He goes along with Petra’s lie and states that he was there for a plumbing issue. Now there’s nothing Michael can do. Later, Michael meets with Jane to tell her the bad news. He advises her to be careful while she’s at the hotel.

Petra agrees with Rafael that they should take out another loan to help with the Marbella. Again with another lie, Petra gives Rafael medical paperwork, which Milos wrote up, stating that Magda couldn’t walk back when the incident happened.


Rafael meets with Jane to tell him that Magda is leaving the hotel. “Good. And what about Petra?” Jane wants Petra to leave the hotel too, but that won’t happen. Petra owns half of the hotel. Jane quits then and there. At home she tells Xiomara and Abuela the news. She wants to be as far away from the Marbella and everyone who works there. That’s why she plans on contacting a lawyer. Jane wants full custody of the baby.

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