“Gotham” recap (1.21): Brothels and Bad Decisions


Hey Gothamites, it’s the penultimate episode of the season and things are starting to go a little bit bonkers. Still no sign of Renee Montoya or Fish Mooney, but we get plenty of Barbara going off the rails in a major way.

got1 Thanks for last night, I won’t be able to sit down for a week

When we last saw Barbara, she was looking nonplussed in the Ogre’s torture room. Apparently she’s into 50 Shades of YOINKS, because she spent the night having all the sex with him. The next morning, she’s ready to skedaddle when the Ogre tells her to stay because he made quiche. Barbara tries to leave, which is nuts because quiche is fucking delicious. She thinks that the Ogre is just playing games with her, but he assures her she’s the love of his life. When Barbara tries to leave, he covers her in a hood and drags her into his play room. Ah, young love.

got2Quiche. Funny word. How you spell?

got3 You don’t spell it, Barbara, you eat it

Back at the GCPD, Gordon has been up all night looking for Barbara and the Ogre. Lee stops by with some breakfast and tells him to rest, but he can’t because of the whole murder/kidnap thing. Gordon feels guilty that his face off with Loeb loosed the Ogre, and he has to make things right. Lee wonders if he feels guilty for falling out of love with Barbara, but is interrupted by Bullock hauling in a lowlife pimp.

Nigma rolls into work with Officer Doherty’s remains in two large suitcases because he is obviously a novice criminal. He sets about disposing of Doherty’s body parts. Here’s a pro tip: DON’T BRING THE DEAD BODY INTO A POLICE STATION.

got4Ugh, why didn’t I squeeze him into a carry-on?

Gordon and Bullock question the pimp, who refuses to talk. When he asks Gordon to assign a dollar amount to Barbara, he sends Bullock out for donuts and beats the perp for info. The pimp reveals that he saw the Ogre at a Fox Glove event, a traveling brothel for the Gotham elite. Gordon goes off to see Penguin to wrangle an invite.

Over at Wayne Manor, Bruce gets a package from Selina, with the key copy to Bunderslaw’s office. He hides it from Alfred, who is off to identify Reggie’s body at the morgue. Bruce feels guilty for killing Alfred’s frenemy, and for lying to him.

got5Why is Bruce always wearing sweaters while sitting next to a roaring fire?

Butch visits Lydia’s restaurant, where he stashes two guns for Connor’s gang to use to wipe out Maroni and his crew. Gordon shows up at Oswald’s club to get an invite, but Penguin has had a little too much power and demands to know what he’s getting out of the deal. Gordon grabs him and basically shakes the invite out of him, but Penguin threatens that he now owes a real big favor.

got6 Now kiss

Bruce tours Wayne Enterprises and pulls the fire alarm so he can sneak into Bunderslaw’s office.

Gordon returns to the precinct with an invite to the Fox Glove, which he gives to Bullock, seeing as he’ll probably fit in more. Probably a good call, as I can’t imagine anyone looking more out of place than Gordon’s sour puss.

Barbara wakes up to find herself bound and gagged in the Ogre’s playroom. She spits in his face and calls him a psycho, but he assures her that he wants them to work it out. When she mentions Gordon’s name, he slaps her, saying it’s the only thing that will make him angry. He gives her some water (laced with drugs?) and shows her his collection of Polaroids of the women he’s killed. Barbara passes out as he promises to set her free.

got7 Please, no more Nicholas Sparks movies! I can’t take it!

Bruce makes his way into Bunderslaw’s office and opens the safe, only to find it empty. He is caught redhanded by Bunderslaw, who has been expecting him. Bunderslaw offers him a cookie, and sets about giving Bruce “the talk,” and no, it’s not the facts of life. He tells him that the Waynes before him knew about the company’s illegal activities, and were complicit in them. Bruce is shocked to hear that his father would be okay with this, but before he can protest, Lucius Fox shows up to show him out. While they wait for the elevator, Lucius tells Bruce that he’s being watched, and that his father was a good man with a lot of secrets. Meh, at least he gets a cookie.

got8I’m a canon character, which means you’ll see me probs never

Nigma sets about dissolving Doherty’s body with sulfuric acid, when Miss Kringle shows up. She sees the body parts in the sink, and is horrified that Nigma works so much with death. He assures her it helps to have a sense of humor, and shoves her out the door so he can get back to destroying her boyfriend’s body.

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