The Huddle: Reboots


Not so long ago, the internet rejoiced that Gillian Anderson is stepping back into Scully’s shoes for a new incarnation of The X-Files. This week it was announced Full House would be the latest show to get rebooted (in case you missed it, Fuller House is coming soon to Netflix!) and so we’re wondering what show you’d love to see get an update or a makeover.

Daniela Costa:  A reboot of ReBoot, a Canadian CGI show that aired from 1994 to 2001. Apparently a reboot is already in the works, but I’m sure Dot won’t be gay in this one either. Come on, look at her hair! Why a reboot? Well when your world is a computer system in 2015, you can hardly stay in the closet.


Valerie Anne: A wee Rachel Skarsten, long before she was a bisexual valkyrie, was prancing around with a sour puss and a pink dress in a little show called Little Men, based on the novel by the same name. (Also known as Life at Plumfield with Jo’s Boys, about Little Women‘s Jo March, all grown up and running a school for young boys.) The show was cheesetastic and very ’90s, but it was so, so wonderful, because Jo March is one of the best fictional characters of all time, and Michelle Burke played her perfectly. But I want this Canadian show to be modernized and I want full-grown Jo March to be the lesbian she was always destined to be. 

Dana Piccoli: I would love to see a reboot of My So-Called Life but with Jordan Catalano as a teenage girl. Watching Angela lose herself over the mysterious, sensitive, queer Jordan would be my high school dream come true.

Chloe: Veronica Mars as a lesbian. Gossip Girl with Serena and Blair as lesbians. House of Cards starring a lesbian.


Elaine Atwell: Technically, the current iteration of Doctor Who is a reboot, but it needs to be re-re-booted by a lady, please and thank you.

Ali Davis: Shows I would watch rebooted with all queer ladies: Firefly, Doctor Who, M*A*S*H, Bob’s Burgers, The 2012 Presidential Debates, Sesame Street (AKA Responsibly Harvested Kale Street), Miami Vice, I Love Lucy (in Ways that May or May Not Include Scissoring), Kung Fu, Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Star Trek That for Some Reason Happens in a Subaru, WKRP in Cincinnati, River Monsters, Scandal (not that I would stop watching the first one), 60 Minutes, Absolutely Fabulous, The Rachel Maddow—oh.

Erin Wilson: The Facts of Life, making all the characters lesbians with Jo and Blair finally hooking up and having the happily ever after we were all waiting for.


Lucy Hallowell: Cheers but in a lesbian bar.

Chelsea Steiner: I would reboot Gotham, where the lead detective is Renee Montoya who solves crime during the day and crusades as vigilante The Question by night. And she has a “will they won’t they” dynamic with Dr. Thompkins. Miss Kringle can be the sassy Girl Friday and Jim Gordon can clean up toilets at Arkham. THERE I FIXED THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW. 

Kim Hoffman: DariaMake my Jane Lane dreams a reality and finally let that lez relationship play out. Like, they live together now in an apt in Brooklyn and they listen to Oasis and The Smashing Pumpkins and inherited Trent’s duck phone and Jane paints while Daria writes. Sick Sad World would be a podcast and they would still eat lots of pizza. I would tune in so hard.


Dorothy Snarker: Reboot The L Word as a joint project by Jill Soloway and Jenji Kohan. Have Jodie Foster direct. Don’t let Chaiken within three states of the set. The end.

Trish Bendix: Growing up I loved Clarissa Explains it All and I think the world needs a new version with a young queer feminist. She’ll still head up her school newspaper and have an annoying younger brother, but this time, she’ll have some more girl friends (and girlfriends).


What show would you reboot if you could?

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