Styled Out: The show that brings us all together


I have always wanted to throw a party for The L Word season premiere but have never been able to get my act together soon enough in order to do it. I don’t know why but it always seems to sneak up on me right after the holidays or something. The first episode of the season is just begging for a theme party if you ask me and since I’m clearly not going to actually follow through with this I’m hoping some of you can make me proud and show me some of your spirit.

Be your favorite gay gal and dress as your favorite character and you can be the hostess with the most-est with your very own themed premiere party. Better yet, make all your friends dress as a member of the cast in order to get in. The ultimate party throwers would obviously be Bette and Tina carrying around a fake baby.

Whoever comes as Dana could just be a “ghost” wearing a sheet with (necessary) holes cut out in order to watch the show.

I don’t think I need to elaborate on all the directions you could take our beloved Shane.

Hell, bring a blast from the past like Papi or Carmen back to life. Double points if you can pull off a good Kit (any version).

There’s really nothing more homosexual than a themed costume party inspired by a television show. Watching the show at a bar or somewhere else that’s public? Even better, you’re like free entertainment. Maybe you’ll score a free drink.

When I was a single lady, The L Word parties that my friends threw were basically grounds for potential hook ups so I was always sure that I dressed to impress. I don’t know when or how or why viewing the show became such an event but it did around the third season or so and it’s a trend that hasn’t died. The key is to look casual but “on your best behavior” dressed down, if that makes sense. Wear the cutest of two toned socks that you own with your very best T-shirt. Pajama pants might seem like a good idea in the moment (it is Sunday and all), but it’s a look that certainly isn’t going to get you any dates. Not if your pal brings her hot new roommate, anyway.

In other words, don’t mess up your chances with a fashion faux pas.

If the ads they’re showing are any indication of the final season’s wardrobes I’m a bit scared but the special I watched this weekend on Showtime told a bit of a different story. Huge relief. I’ll barf so hard if Shane wears a dress on the real.

What are your plans for the premiere?

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