“Arrow” recap (3.20): Where There’s Smoak, There’s Fire


Previously on Arrow, Oliver refused Ra’s al Ghul’s offer to become the next Demon’s Head, so Ra’s terrorized Starling City and stabbed Thea to bully him into changing his mind. Also Ray tried really hard to get Felicity to love him and it almost worked but not quite.

Post-impalement, a bloody and broken Thea Queen tries her darndest to drag herself over to the phone, but can’t quite make it. Luckily, Oliver shows up just in time and calls 911 for her, carrying her out to meet the ambulance to save time. The doctors do their best to save her, but after losing her for a minute, the best they can do is get her into a coma she probably won’t wake up from.

Arrow 320-1Sleeping Beauty.

A teary-eyed Oliver tells his sleeping sister that he’s sorry, so sorry, because this is the opposite of what he wanted, what he’s been fighting for. Malcolm comes in and sees Thea and cries, too. He practically just got his daughter back, and he’s already lost a son.

Oliver goes into the hallway and is staring at a wall when Felicity and Diggle show up. Oliver is stunned that Ra’s just left her there to die, and for a second his friends panic that he means she’s truly dead but he says she’s not, she’s just in rough shape.

Arrow 320-2Felicity, however, looks great.

Oliver sees purple smoke outside the window and storms out, asking Diggle and Felicity to stay with Thea.

It was Maseo sending the purple smoke signal, and as soon as he sees him, Oliver clocks Maseo in the face, just in case it was him who sliced his baby sister open. Maseo didn’t do it, but he has a message from the man who did; if Oliver takes his rightful place as the leader of the League of Assassins, Ra’s will bring Thea back.

Team Arrow goes to Thea’s apartment, and Oliver tells them the new plan. Merlyn confirms that what Maseo suggested is possible, that there are waters Ra’s has been using to live forever, and that they can sometimes bring people back to life. It’s called the Lazarus Pit. Felicity’s like a) this “magic hot tub” business sounds shady at best b) if this exists why the FUCK is Sara dead and buried? Merlyn says it’s not as easy as it sounds, and that the waters change a person’s soul, and that the Thea that comes out of the water won’t be the same Thea as the one that went in, but Oliver doesn’t give two hoots what Merlyn has to say. Felicity is growing increasingly stressed about the whole situation, but Oliver says he doesn’t want to hear her usual spiel about not throwing himself into a dangerous situation. She says good because she had every intention of throwing herself in with him this time. Step one, get to Nanda Parbat.

Arrow 320-3 “I’m ready to be the hero of this episode.”

Felicity goes to find Ray and asks if she can borrow his jet for a hot second while they fly to a secret location into a den of murderers to dunk her dead friend into something called a Lazarus Pit. He says sure but also by the way he knows she loves Oliver and that she’ll never love him like that while Oliver is still in the picture. She can’t even deny it, she won’t; she already feels bad enough, she didn’t mean to hurt him, she really did try to love him. But Oliver is the closest thing to being with Sara she can get, since he was with her too and Nyssa keeps disappearing into the night. He smiles sadly and tells her to take the jet and suddenly I feel bad I ever called him McSkeezy.

While loading the unconscious Thea onto the plane, Merlyn suggests making a pit stop at Star Labs, since the hospital thinks they’re taking her to Central City anyway; maybe Caitlin and Cisco can make her a metahuman or something. But Oliver says absolutely not. Merlyn would rather her die than live a post-Lazarus life but that is not an option Oliver is willing to consider. Also shut up because he’s lucky he’s allowed to come along in the first place.

On the plane, Felicity brings Oliver a blanket and thanks him for letting her demand to come along.Arrow 320-4 “It’s cute how you think you ‘let’ me do anything.”

Oliver tells Felicity about the time he came back to Starling City during his “dead” five years, how when he saw that Thea had a drug problem, he killed her dealer to try to protect her. It’s all he’s ever wanted, to protect the people he has cared about, and he has failed. And this is so much deeper than failing a city. Felicity knows there’s no use arguing him on this one, because when Oliver Queen wants to shoulder the blame for something, there’s nothing you can do to ease his burden.

When they get to Nanda Parbat, Oliver carries Thea’s lifeless body while his team follows close behind him. They are greeted by the most menacing welcoming committee I’ve ever seen; assassins as far as the eye can see, standing in neat, orderly lines that would make the Unsullied proud. When Ra’s comes out to meet them, he welcomes Oliver home, and the entire League goes down on one knee to show their future leader some respect.

Once they’re inside, Maseo takes Thea from Oliver, who apparently weighs 20 pounds even as dead weight, judging from the way it looked like they were passing off a pillow. Then Maseo shows everyone to their rooms, trying to reassure Diggle that Oliver will be comfortable here at Nanda Parbat; I mean, how could one be sad in a place with so many CANDLES, eh?? But Diggle doesn’t buy it, and calls the League a group of weak, escapist cowards who hide from their problems behind swords and masks. Maseo says Diggle knows about as much as Jon Snow and that until he holds his own dying child in his arms, he can’t presume to understand him at all. Diggle asks Maseo if his son would be proud of him right now, and Maseo makes a face that implies no, no he wouldn’t.

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