Getting your lips to look like “The L Word”


With The L Word premiere a mere two weeks away, it’s time start preparing yourself, and by yourself I mean your lips, obviously. That’s right — just in time for the last season of the series, Three Custom Color Specialists have created a line of four lipsticks inspired by the women they refer to as the show’s “most popular characters.”

Alice: A warm, fleshy rose with champagne shimmer inspired by Alice’s quirky fashion-forward look.

Kit: A saucy raisin with copper shimmer that’s as fiery as the nightclub owner.

Bette: A sophisticated red that’s as passionate and powerful as the art-school dean.

Shane: A creamy, natural tone to enhance your lip color, inspired by Shane’s no-nonsense style.

So are your lips feeling very Shane today?

You might recall that this is not the first line of make-up related to The L Word. A couple of months back, Dorothy Snarker told us about Sappho Cosmetics, which includes eye liners, shadows, bronzers, and anything else your face could benefit from, inspired by the cast of your favorite Sappho-inspired show.

Three Custom’s lipsticks cost $20 a piece, which I’m sure the ladies they are named after could readily pony up for their puckers. However, I have never seen Bette pair her power suits with red lipstick, no matter how passionate and powerful she may be. Frankly, the colors look a little drab to me, and I also take issue with their deciding on the four most popular characters from the show.

Perhaps the lipsticks’ individual taglines will help sell the overpriced products. All last month, L Word fans were encouraged to help create the lipstick’s taglines for a chance to win a gift package from Showtime and Three Custom. The winners will be announced during the season premiere, but until then, you can read some of the finalists’ taglines here. Some examples:

The Shane: No shame ‘n these lips

The Bette: My lips are my canvas

The Alice: Discover the mystery

The Kit: The perfect shade for the jaguar in our lipstick jungle

Just another reason to tune in on Jan. 18, Kit lips or otherwise.

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