“Younger” recap (1.5): Girl Code


Well, it’s good to see Liza and Josh have patched things up. Unbeknownst to us, Liza snuck Josh in for a booty call and now that it’s morning, she’s sneaking him out. The only problemo is that Maggie has no clue, so when Josh disturbs some of her art, Maggie comes into the room with a fluster—and super sexy morning attire. She’s constructing a new art piece for an upcoming show where she’ll use perfume bottles to create beer bottles. She says she’s thinking of calling it Deceptive Intentions: Reconstructing Gender Norms, or Bitches’ Brew. Whatever Maggie, just continue being the coolest. Here’s hoping Liza’s lesbian artist friend with the best advice and the strongest coffee on the block gets a little more tender love and lez action. Yeah, I said it. 

1Younger5.1And a good morning to you too.

At the office, Kelsey is having a major dilemma. What now, Hilary Duff? It appears her Goddess Cup is stuck. (Think Diva Cup.) After some brief explaining to a confused Liza, who asks if it’s similar to a diaphragm (which Kelsey is clueless about), Kelsey dips out of the meeting to FaceTime with Lauren in the bathroom. Lauren assures her that this is totally normal, but that she should probably get it out ASAP before she thinks a rat died. Liza comes in to check on Kelsey and through the cracks of the stall we can see it all over Kelsey’s face. She’s going to need Liza to go where no woman has gone before—she needs Liza to pull out her Goddess Cup. “Lock the door and wash your hands,” she advises our loyal Liza.

After the Goddess Cup rescue is complete, Liza says they’ll never speak of it again. But Kelsey recognizes just how much she owes Liza now. I mean, she already did—she broke Josh’s window and whined and cried the whole Uber ride there and back about getting a tattoo. So, hell yeah she owes Liza. Though, let’s not hold our breath. We’d be waiting a lot longer than the 14 hours it took to get Kelsey’s Goddess Cup out.

1Younger5.2 Can you WebMD how to get a Goddess Cup out? I’m not horrified enough yet. I need the Internet, now!

Oh, no! Oh no, no, no! Liza seems forever cursed by this constant ebb-and-flow where there’s way more ebb and less flow. (Don’t ask Kelsey about flow for a week…) After a minor setback with Diana Trout looking less skilled than Liza (again), Kelsey invites Liza out for a drink as an I.O.U. for getting something out of her vag. Liza says she can’t because she has an art show to go to with Maggie, but Kelsey, who’s horrified about the prospect and calls Maggie an “old lady,” invites herself—plus her friends, to come along and make it interesting. Liza insists she shouldn’t, but Kelsey never backs down once she sets her mind to something. Speaking of, where’s her Swede? Nevermind where Thad is, though I suspect he’s probably counting money, slyly texting with call girls and filing his toe nails as he carries out his nonstop marathon of The Gilmore Girls.

Liza and Maggie are making their way to the art show, which, by the way looks like the set from First Wives Club with its super NYC-opening-night vibe out front as cars and people idle and hum. Inside, they spot Kelsey and her friends, who Maggie dubs as “flamingos” because of how they’re posed with their heads cocked in strange ways, looking down at their phones. Somehow, and it ain’t a gay thing, I side with Maggie not because the similarity is uncanny, but because I’d rather be the older, weird one at a party than the one with their head in La La Land. Maggie’s unfazed by the digs these younger girls are probably making at her behind her back. She’s way more interested in chatting up important art people standing over yonder.

Kelsey’s friend Lauren is busy calling dibs on one of those artists, who apparently has a perfect “man bun.” Don’t act like you haven’t heard everyone saying it. Sure, it’s cute, because guys with long hair are cute (and that’s my rock star bias). But, FYI, we don’t refer to our hairstyles as “girl buns” or “girl pony tails.” Man buns and man purses—manly excuses for what are deemed feminine accessories are so unhip. Anyway, we’re all just bunheads. Right, Sutton Foster?

1Younger5.3See how the flamingos gracefully move their limbs while remaining vertical.

Kelsey and her girls want to jet and get drinks, so Liza leaves Maggie hanging as she waits in the wings to talk to the gallery owner, her boss, and the decision maker for her next art show. The girls are six or seven shots deep when Maggie tries calling Liza, but Liza’s phone is involved in a “cell stack” where you put your phones in the middle of the table and leave them there—the idea being that no one can grab at their phone and be distracted—and stay focused on all the draaanking that’s about to go down.

Unfortunately, this is a bad move on Liza’s part because, by the time she gets home, Maggie’s in a fluster over what happened: The art gallery dropped her. Worse yet, Liza wasn’t there for her friend. All Maggie saw was not-so-pretend 26-year-old Liza who’s “rolling” with a “crew” of girls now, getting smashed in weeknights, shacking up with Tiger Beat Josh and otherwise failing to be there for Maggie, who’s a helluva lot more than just Craigslist Maggie.

Liza feels awful, so at work, she explains to Kelsey that Maggie isn’t just her older roommate, she’s her friend. Kelsey says she wants to help, because that’s “girl code.” I’m skeptical, of course, because Kelsey seems like the kind of person who means well, but consistently fails to deliver the goods because she’s a character that epitomizes a young adult in balance (job, relationship, friends—plus all her accoutrements) but the execution is constantly filled with some nuance and is immaturely handled. So, should we cut her some slack and see if she can pull this one off? Just maybe our Liza has rubbed off on her. (No more Goddess Cups jokes here.)

Maggie is drawn to her window by the loud sound of music outside—it must be Liza. She’s taken the company car to Maggie’s apartment to “win her back!” Maggie’s immediately taken, smiling from ear to ear at Liza’s desperate attempt to make peace with her tried and true BFF. Off they go to wherever Kelsey has told Liza she has a surprise in store. Inside, they see Lauren and walk around the empty space. Maggie can have a pop-up gallery! Lauren trades pot with a school friend who’s parents own the building, for parties, random events, and whatever else Lauren is casually up to. Maggie’s blown away by the good deed, but will the pop-up go off without any weird hitches?

1Younger5.4 “I can’t believe I’m Richard Gere and you’re Julia Roberts! I always thought it would be the other way around!”

One thing’s for sure. Our girl Maggie got way more screen time in this episode, and good thing! Who wouldn’t want to lay their eyes on those baby blues? Catch a new episode of Younger next Tuesday, or catch up on all the episodes now at TVLand.com. Tweet me @the_hoff with #MaggieKnowsBest and tell me what you thought of last night’s ep! xo

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