“Gotham” recap (1.20): Pretty (Cat)Woman


This week on Gotham, the writers spun the wheel o’ female characters and landed on Barbara Keane. Welcome back, Barbara! Sorry Fish, despite getting shot last episode, you’re sitting this one out.

We open on the aftermath of Selina killing Reggie. She saves Bruce from being mugged by some thugs, and tells him that she had to kill Reggie to protect them. She accuses Bruce of wanting to kill Reggie, but not having the guts. They decide to go after Bunderslaw, and to do so they’ll need to steal the key to his safe to find evidence of his wrongdoings.

got1 I already killed one bitch-ass punk today, don’t test me Bruce!

At the GCPD, Nigma is furiously stabbing some watermelons for forensic evidence/fruit salad. A panicked Gordon shows up looking for Lee, who has gone home. As you may remember from last week, the Ogre is still at large, with an M.O. of killing his investigator’s loved ones. Lee is at home taking a bath, when she hears something crash in her apartment. She gets out and grabs a knife, only to find a stray cat. She then smacks the shit out of Gordon, thinking he’s the intruder. The scariest part of this sequence is the fact that Lee has a flip phone.

Gordon tries to get Lee to leave town, but she’s like, “Nope, gonna stay here and do my job. Besides, the last girl you told to leave town ended up in a drunken lesbian spiral, so pass.” Gordon tells Lee he loves her, and she kisses him, but doesn’t say it back. Whomp whomp.

got2 Don’t come in, I’m masturbating!

The Ogre meets Barbara in a bar and starts hitting on her. She takes him back to her apartment, and he pulls out his knife, ready to kill her. Barbara then tells him that she is single and loved by no one, so he spares her. She also tells him that he should be scared of her, and he seems intrigued.

got3 I’d invite you into my bed, but I think it’s filled with street urchins

Over at Oswald’s, Getrude is drunk and dancing with her son. How awkward would it be to own a night club where the only patron is your mom? Penguin leaves his mom to go talk to Connor, an Irish assassin who he wants to pay to murder Maroni. Good luck with that.

got4 ugh mom, I don’t want to dance with you, this is prom all over again!

Gordon and Bullock interview the original detective on the Ogre case. They learn that the first victim was a nurse at a private medical clinic, and decide to start there. The Ogre watches them from his car and tails them.

Nigma sees Ms. Kringle talking wife her cop boyfriend Doherty, and notices some bruises on her arm. He’s upset that she’s getting abused, but she tells him to mind his own beeswax. Also, Nigma brought her watermelon in a beautifully carved bowl, which is so ornate it makes me want to date him. I’m a sucker for presentation, y’all.

got5I’m an expert in forensics AND decorative fruit carving

At Wayne Manor, Bruce is reading up on Bunderslaw and planning his next move. He decides to go to the Wayne Enterprises charity ball with Selina so she can steal the key from him. Alfred wants to know why he’s bringing Selina, and Bruce assures him it’s a crush and not a scheme. Alfred seems pleased that Bruce is doing something remotely normal, so he supports the date.

Bullock and Gordon investigate the clinic, which is a plastic surgery practice. They meet the doctor, who refuses to give them any intel without a warrant. They spot the Ogre’s car, and the Ogre tries to run them both over before driving away. Way to be discreet, buddy.

got6This Uber looks pretty sketch

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