“The Returned” recap (1.7): Reunited (and it feels so good)


Adam finally made it back to the murder cabin, and he’s brought some lattes and scones, or something. What a guy! He’s not very happy to see his brother there. Tony tells him that Lena knows about the murdering, but she’s a good person so Tony doesn’t want Adam to hurt her. Adam’s like, “Listen, I’m 100% over killing women. I could see how you might think I’m not, considering how I tried to murder Lucy a few days ago, but that’s behind me now. I’m a new man, and it’s all thanks to you!”

They bro hug it out, and Tony asks what they should do about Lena. Adam says he’ll take care of it, and he cuts Lena free from the table she’s tied to. He apologizes for Tony and asks her not to tell anyone about him. Lena says that she won’t, but I’m hoping she just said that because she didn’t want to get murdered and not because she thinks she can fix him.

photo5He is not a misunderstood bad boy, he is a LITERAL serial killer.

Back at the support group, Camille has come back downstairs. Now, instead of being an insolent brat, she lies through her teeth to the other parents. She tells them, vaguely, that she “felt” all of their kids and they were all happy. Jack is just like, “Y’all, this is fucked up,” but Claire goes, “You just don’t understand how to be a parent, you should take notes from me.”

Meanwhile, Helen is hanging out at the dam, you know, as you do when it’s the thing that killed you one time. Some kind of educational tour group grabs her attention (engineers? construction-type people? professional dam experts?), and she just waltzes on up and starts answering the tour guide’s questions. The construction of the dam was fucked, basically, and a bunch of people got rich off it while other people died. Helen tags along with the tour, and ends up back at the bar with the guide.

photo6 Dead Admiral Cain can really hold her liquor.

They chat about the dam some more, and they flirt, and then Helen wants to dance. You guys, Michelle Forbes is really a pleasure to watch. Helen is bonkers, for sure, but I find myself wanting more scenes with her just to see Forbes completely go for it. Helen again brings up her opinion that the town had it coming and perhaps the dam shouldn’t have been re-built.

She’s like, “Well, if someone wanted to destroy it again, I bet they could, right?” And the tour guide is drunk and Michelle Forbes is pretty so he goes, “Sure, if that someone climbed exactly 9.5 meters into the Southwest Diversion Tunnel of the dam with a bomb, that would probably take care of it.” Mmmhmm. Let’s all keep this scene in our pockets for future reference, okay?

Back at her apartment, Julie is in the middle of brushing her teeth when Nikki comes into the bathroom to mack on her. (Do people still say “mack on” anymore? Whatever, yolo. Related: do people still say yolo?) OK, now, I like this scene for many reasons:

  1. Beautiful women.
  2. Beautiful women kissing.
  3. Character development.

(in no particular order…)

photo7Classic macking moves.

BUT I really, really wish Julie had spit or rinsed her mouth out. Did they just start making out with toothpaste in there? Anyway, moving on. One kiss leads to another and next thing you know Nikki is topless and straddling Julie in bed. She starts to kiss her way down Julie’s body, but Julie stops her when Nikki gets near her stomach.

The tension of the moment is written clearly on Julie’s face; it’s evident in her deep, steadying breaths and the eye contact she can’t make. She hasn’t had sex- hasn’t even let anyone get remotely close to her—in such a long time. So, Julie’s scared, and she’s self-conscious, and she’s nervous, and she has this handy visual representation of all her trauma in the scars on her stomach. Nikki asks Julie to trust her, and then kisses those scars reverently. It’s a lovely scene, an important scene, and I only wish it had been given a little more room to breath.


Of course, that’s the moment Victor the Voyeur decides to creep on up and watch. Nikki is pissed. She tells him to scram, which he only does after Julie also asks (more nicely). Pro-tip ladies: Shut the bedroom door before going down on each other.

Across town, Simon shows up at Rowan’s house, ready to swoop in and whisk his family away! Ruh roh for Simon, though, because Chloe told Rowan about his plan. Simon avoids a police officer stationed outside and comes in the back door, confused as to why Rowan and Chloe aren’t packed and ready to go.

Rowan has had just about enough of his bullshit. She tells him that she knows he committed suicide. Simon says he doesn’t remember that. Rowan is like, “Welp, that’s what you did. On our wedding day, the day I told you I was pregnant, you killed yourself.” Simon says he’s sorry, but sorry doesn’t really seem like enough in this situation.

Tommy walks in with his gun raised, in true cop fashion. Seriously though, in light of recent actual real life events this scene feels almost too real. It’s unnerving to see Tommy shouting at an unarmed man before pulling the trigger. Simon drops to the ground, and it looks like we might find out next week if the Returned can die twice.

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