“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.19): Break ups and make ups


Jane has gone through the seven stages of grief in exactly sixteen hours after Rafael called things off. She’s in Rafael’s suite trying to make him change his mind when the baby shower committee barges in with balloons and decorations. Needless to say, nothing was resolved.

While setting up tables for their shift, Lina mentions to Jane that Rafael was in an intense conversation with an older woman the night before. Jane checks the credit card receipts from last night and comes across Elena’s receipt. Jane puts two and two together and decides to fight for her relationship with Rafael. She meets with Rafael and convinces him to go to couples therapy with her. You know, because all the other couples are doing it.


The therapist gives them exercises to do. She mentions that Rafael might not be emotionally available for Jane with everything he has gone through and wants to know if he’s willing to do the work.

Xiomara confesses to Jane that she kissed Marco, the guy she was dating before Rogelio, on Easter night. She’s not sure whether or not to tell Rogelio. Jane thinks it’s best not to let him know.

Everyone is at the baby shower and by everyone I mean Andie. “What are you doing here?” Jane asks when she sees Andie. Andie asks Jane to, basically, not tell Michael that she’s been stalking the both of them. Jane doesn’t respond.

Rogelio sings a horrible song about holding his “baby’s baby,” in reference to his future grandchild. He is rudely interrupted by Jane’s writing teacher when she slaps Rogelio across the face. “That’s for Tampa,” she says and then walks away. The story with them is that Rogelio and Jane’s writing teacher were in talks on making an adaptation of one of her books, with Rogelio being the lead. Of course they ended up getting it on instead and planned a romantic get-away to Tampa. Rogelio never showed.


Roman has taken Petra to the everglades, far away from society. He plans on going to Cuba to settle business with Sin Rostro. Petra steals Roman’s phone, while he’s asleep, and calls the police. But Roman isn’t asleep. He grabs the phone from Petra. She runs off, with Roman on her tail. She hides by a shed but Roman finds her. As he creeps up behind Petra, she grabs a sharp object and stabs Roman in the gut. And just like before, Roman Zazo is impaled. He falls into the water where he’s left for dead.

Nadine and Michael get to Petra just after the impaling. Michael finds a flash drive in Roman’s stuff. The other flash drive that Roman gave Michael was a decoy.

Rafael shows up to the baby shower just in time for the games. While playing a game to see who knows the other better, Rafael realizes he really does love Jane and wants to work things out. They decide to try the list of exercises their therapist gave them.

They do one exercise where they sit and stare at each other, in silence, for three minutes. That doesn’t work. After looking over the list, Jane decides it would be better to just go skinny dipping instead. She admits to thinking about doing it more than one. So, Jane and Rafael are naked in the pool, making out, having some sexy time together. Jane tells Rafael she’s ready to have sex with him and she’s ready right now. Finally! It’s about time. But, just as things are getting good a security guard interrupts them. Yes, Jane is still a virgin.

Safe and sound at the hotel, Petra calls Rafael. She’s in need of a shoulder to lean on, but Rafael doesn’t have time for her. So, Petra calls the only other person she has…her mother.


The next day at the police station, they encrypt Roman’s flash drive and find Sin Rostro’s entire contact list. Michael finds Nadine’s name on that list. He confronts her. Nadine admits that Sin Rostro was threatening her and her entire family. Why was Sin Rostro threatening Nadine? She doesn’t go into any details. All this time she was playing Michael and messing with the investigation.

Jane decides that she and Rafael should move in together. Rafael admits that last night in the pool he realized something, that he doesn’t love Jane as much as Jane loves him. He see things clearly now and thinks they should just end it and focus on being good parents. Where the hell did that come from?

Here’s the deal. Rafael went back to the therapist, alone, that morning. He told the therapist about almost having sex with Jane last night. He admitted to not wanting to take Jane to the dark place that he is at right now. He thought it would just be best for Jane if they weren’t together. And to think Jane was going to give him her flower.


During a photo shoot with Rogelio, Xiomara decides it was the best time to tell him about the kiss she had with Marco on Easter. Rogelio breaks things off between them.

Michael bumps into Jane shortly after her breakup with Rafel. He confronts Jane about her not mentioning anything about Andie and notices that something is wrong. Jane tells him that things are over with Rafael. Abuela arrives and Jane leaves. Michael sends Andie a text saying that he can’t get over what she did and it’s over between them. Looks like someone sees his chance to get Jane back.


As Abuela and Jane are about to leave, Abuela sees Petra’s mother getting out of a taxi. That horrible night of when she was pushed down the stairs slowly comes back to her. She tells Jane that she thinks Petra’s mother is the one who pushed her down the stairs.

Next week: Luisa returns! 

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