“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.20): It’s 5 o’clock somewhere


Alex can barely hold his guilt inside when he sees Arizona, but she’s busy barking orders at him so there’s no time to come clean. Elsewhere in the OR, April overhears Richard tell his harrowing tale again, but the details keep changing. Next thing you know, he’ll be surfing on the wing.

Jo and Steph sit in the gurney hallway, while Jo can’t comprehend what happened to Meredith and the rest in their plane crash. Steph is completely disconnected however, and can only think about the love story between Sam and Kate and how it could be over before it began. It’s so weird to hear them be so far away emotionally from a story that affected us so greatly.

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The shit has hit the fan in Sam’s OR, and the docs are running out of options to stop his heart from gushing like Mt. St. Helens. Suddenly, Maggie gets a crazy idea. They will glue a patch in place. By golly it works. Remind me never to go to Grey Sloan Memorial.

Steph works with Kate again, and she can remember everything but Sam and the plane, even as Steph tries to cram it into her brain. Kate gets frustrated and Amelia screams at Steph in the hallway. Then Owen comes by and screams at Amelia for screaming at Steph. Then they scream at each other and Steph screams at them both for ruining the perfect love story that she desperately needs to believe in.

Alex pops into Arizona’s OR to offer help but really he just wants to check in on her, a fact that she is very aware of. She thinks Meredith sent him in though, but this is all Alex. She kicks him out though, because she just wants to work.

After Sam’s surgery, there’s still no word from Derek, but it’s not five yet so Meredith is trying to quell the panic. Maggie can see it plain as day though and suggests that Meredith go home and wait. Mer flashes to the morning Derek was headed to DC and he told her a cute story about Zola wanting a car. Derek still thinks Meredith is his breath of fresh air, and he wants more of their life together. More love, more babies, more everything.

April can’t take hearing Richard’s plane story one more time, so she pulls him aside and confronts him about it. He calmly tells her that he’s had a few near death experiences over the years, and he was genuinely scared that morning. More than anything, it made him realize all that he had in this world and didn’t want to leave behind.

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Arizona finds Alex to apologize for losing her cool with him all day, and Alex decides to come clean about cutting off her leg. She’s shocked, and I can only imagine the emotions coursing through her. For years, she’s resented Callie for this, it affected their marriage and that resentment certainly contributed to its demise. Now she doesn’t even know what to think. She thanks him for telling her and walks off.

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Steph sneaks Kate up to see Sam, and at first, his face doesn’t help jar her memory. Amelia pulls Steph out of the room to chastise her, but they are interrupted when Kate starts to remember. She recalls having sandwiches and a strong connection, so Amelia lets Steph off the hook.

Arizona practically sprints to find Callie and confront her with the truth. Why would she let Arizona believe after all this time, all these fights, that it wasn’t Callie who took her leg after all? Callie sighs because how do you answer a question that is so loaded with so much pain? She made the call to have the leg amputated, so she knew Arizona would hate her for it, and she didn’t want to drag Alex into it. Arizona needed a friend, and someone she could trust. After all that Arizona lost, she didn’t want to deprive her that too. It was a sacrifice, and Callie made it. For Arizona, this is a game changer, but then again, it’s not Arizona who needs to change her mind. Callie is resolute in her choice, but you know that Arizona is going to go home and think of all the ways things might have been different if she’d known the truth. 

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Once again, Owen and Amelia go at it, and not in a sexy way. Owen reveals that he’s always carried guilt about the plane crash and seeing all of this today, just brought those feelings flooding back. He then equates their relationship to a plane crash, which is not very nice or romantic.

Meredith’s voiceover tells us how bad things happen to good people all the time, and back at the MerDer mansion, she sits and waits for a phone call from Derek, thinking the worst. Things don’t get any better when a police car with flashing lights pulls up in her driveway.

Next week on Grey’s Anatomy, Derek rescues a bunch of car accident victims.

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