Spoilers and speculation for the rest of this season’s “Gossip Girl”


Ah, the first week of the new year. The holiday greetings and gay happy meetings have come to a close, and you’re left with a full voicemail box, an overflowing inbox and the sense that the entire world is tilting left, which may indicate that you’re still slightly hungover from New Year’s Eve or that you have the beginnings of an inner ear infection. The only thing keeping you afloat as you trudge through the longest day of the work year is this: You know she loves you. And tonight, at 8 ET on the CW, Gossip Girl returns.

Because I love you too (though obviously not as much as Gossip Girl does), I’ve compiled all of the spoilers and speculation about the second half of Season 2 into one post. There are actual, legitimate, confirmed spoilers below. Read at your own risk!

First up, Michelle Trachtenberg will return as Serena’s frenemy, Georgina Sparks, which can only mean excellency.

Last time Georgina roared into town we got possibly the best confession in television history. (Serena: "I murdered someone!") Blair ultimately had Georgina shipped off to St. Mary’s Center for Incurably Criminal Hos, but not before Georgina, um, handily assisted Dan Humphrey with some stuff. Michael Ausiello reported the news of Georgina’s return yesterday, and also mentioned that there’s a rumor going around that she is actually Rufus and Lily’s long lost love child. (Because that won’t mess Dan up forever.)

Secondly, Laura Breckenridge, who you might remember from Loving Annabelle, is coming on to play a very young English teacher at Constance Billiard.

When the news first broke, it was reported that Breckenridge’s character would "sink her claws into Blair." Sadly, that turned out to be entirely academic. No lesbian love affair with the older teacher for Blair Waldorf just yet. Apparently, Breckenridge will be the cougar to Dan’s Pacey Witter.

Thirdly, there is a confirmed pregnancy in the works. It’s not Lily, Serena or Jenny, and that’s all we know. Someone will be great with child before the season is over, though. My money is on Eleanor or Vanessa.

Finally, there’s apparently a storyline in the pipe that is so racy even Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) was shocked to find out about it. When asked about details, Szohr would only say that when she read the script, she was like, "They can do that?!"

Unconfirmed rumors are as follows: Lily will be attacked, and the identity of the attacker will shock us; not all of Constance Billiard’s seniors will go to college; Jack Bass is coming to town to fight Chuck over Bass Industries; and Rufus and Lily’s secret will finally come out.

It seems like the writers are going to give us the kind of season back-end we missed last year because of the strike. What do you think about the spoilers for the rest of the season? What would you love to see happen before the finale?


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