“Newlyweds: The First Year” recap (2.6): Family Secrets


One thing is for sure: when it comes to Sam & Laura, this week’s episode of Newlyweds: The First Year is far from boring. The couple gets into some deep talks, some almost-fights, and winds up at a strip club, so there was hardly a dull moment.


We kick off with a trip for Sam and Laura to Los Angeles. They are returning to L.A., where they lived six years ago, for Laura’s birthday. It seems like Laura is really only a fan of the good weather (reminiscing about the pool they used to have and their barbeques), while Sam feels like L.A. is really “her town.”

car talk

The two sit in the car, on the long ride from the airport, talking a bout how their relationship changed when they moved from West Coast to East. In L.A., apparently, Sam was very focused on her career and networking, and maybe was less sensitive to Laura’s feelings. Once Laura announced she was moving to NYC, Sam had to decide—continue my job at CAA or pack it all up for the one I love? She chose the latter, and is happy she did, although she does have some regrets. It is interesting to hear that these two ever had a rocky patch, because they seem like they’ve always been super in love.


Some memories from their old L.A. life:


Sam and Laura kick off Laura’s birthday celebration with a brunch with two of their friends, who are also adorable lesbians.

brunch friends

Laura starts to get rowdy and keeps ordering more bottles of wine, but Sam seems overwhelmed. Sam points out that they are very different. Laura likes to drink and be with friends, while she would rather be reading Variety, watching TV or at work/on set.

laura rowdy(1)sam dark alone

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