“Gotham” recap (1.19): Get to Da Chopper!


Welcome back to Gotham recaps! The show has been on hiatus for a month, presumably to track down its missing lesbian characters. Unfortunately, Renee Montoya is still stuck in a well/on a yearlong Olivia cruise/did too much MDMA at Dinah Shore and is tripping balls somewhere in the California desert.

We open on the Island of Misfit Body Parts, where Fish Mooney, looking fierce in all white and a white turban, walks through the hospital. She checks on patients, answers requests, and basically acts like a concierge. She looks out the window and sees a helicopter—and possibly an escape. She breaks open the window and an alarm immediately sounds. A jeep full of guards pulls up, and the head guard tells her that nobody gets off the island, not nobody, not no how!

got1Are you going to steal that helicopter?

got2Bitch, I might be

At Wayne Manor, Gordon visits Bruce, who is stuck making his own sandwiches because Alfred is still recovering. This kid may be a lot of things, but he is no Subway sandwich artist. Gordon knows that Bruce is lying about the stabbing and urges him to tell the truth, but Bruce refuses.

got3You’re gonna need some water, that sandwich is dry as fuck

Back at the GCPD, a plucky young cop brings a cold case to Gordon. His name is Moore, and he admires what Gordon is doing to clean up the precinct. He wants him to take over the case of a murdered woman named Grace, and Gordon agrees to look into it. Gordon goes to see Lee in forensics, and Lee looks over the case. They know that Grace went to some bar in the South Village, where Lee lives. She tells Gordon that the neighborhood is full of speakeasies. To the mixologist!

got4I know this one bar, the password is “Jenny Schecter Lives” and everyone inside hates themselves!

Fish visits the dungeon, where her suited-friend Kelly is somehow still alive after being harvested. Fish tells the prisoners that she has a plan to get everyone out. They are gonna escape or die trying!

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