10 Ways Canadian Lesbians Are Different From the Rest


Here’s the thing about Canadian lesbians–we love our American sisters. We really do! Some of us even love love you. But we’re not you. While the struggle with Americanization extends even into lesbian culture, we remain distinct.

To cement that claim, I’ve outlined 10 reasons why the Canadian lesbian is a unique entity.

1. We lez it up in English and French.

That’s what happens when your official languages are both English and French and your largest province is predominantly French-speaking. Need a reminder of just how sexy French sounds? See: Lost Girl episode 4.07Zoie Palmer singing in French.


2. We grabbed the gay agenda by the horns by electing a lesbian premier.

Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne is the first openly gay elected head of government in North America. Last summer she was on hand to kick off the opening ceremonies of World Pride in Toronto. Her partner, Jane Rounthwaite, was with her on stage. Not going to lie–it was pretty epic.

World Pride March

3. We produce queer ladies in proportion to the size of their home provinces.

It’s true! That’s why Nova Scotian Ellen Page is so fun-sized (I would say pint-sized, but we use the metric system).


4. We, as in generations of us, grew up thinking our favorite national literary characters were bosom friends of the most literal kind.

Anne Shirley and Diana Barry of Anne of Green Gables–we have shipped you since 1908. And really, what else would you do in Prince Edward Island if not each other?


5. We loved Elisha Cuthbert before she played a funny gay gal.

Elisha co-hosted Canadian children’s series Popular Mechanics for Kids in the late ‘90s and we have adored her ever since. Fun fact: Vanessa Lengies (aka Glee’s Sugar Motta aka Britanna’s future offspring) also co-hosted.


6. We get to watch new Degrassi episodes first and it sucks not to be able to talk about it!

On that note, remember Paige and Alex? The original Palex? Yeah, we did it first. #SorryNotSorry Orange Is The New Black


7. We have no shame when it comes to our marketing efforts.

Case in point: pushing menstrual products to fund a web series about a lesbian vampire. Yes, we went there. 


8. We win the KD Battle.

You gave us Kraft Dinner. We gave you k.d. lang. This may seem like a trivial issue, but look at what made the cover of well-respected Canadian magazine The Walrus in 2012. A different day, a different crowd, and we might lose this one. But you’re reading this on AfterEllen.com, so chances are you agree with me.


9. We thought one gay Quin sister wasn’t enough, so we gave the world two.

We’re obsessed with multiples. We also gave you a bajillion Tatiana Maslanys just because. Thanks to BBC America, however, we can share credit on that one.


10. We reward a good gay.

Do the role of queer lady justice and we will ask for more. Some evidence: before she became our favorite bisexual succubus (and really, will there ever be another?), Anna Silk played Cassidy, Erica’s ex-girlfriend from college in Being Erica. And after she played brave baby dyke Betty on Bomb Girls, Ali Liebert also made her way over to Lost Girl to romance Bo’s boo Lauren. Sensing a pattern here?


So there you have it–10 ways in which Canadians have staked their own claim on the lesbian landscape. We’re all better for it and it’s in our best interest that this list continues to grow. Oh, Canada!

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