“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.18): Banish Your Doubts


The flashback takes us back to Easter, the Villanuevas’ favorite time of year. A young Jane has her doubts that Jesus actually resurrected from the dead. She confides in Abuela but Abuela convinces Jane that you have to “banish your doubts,” and to have faith.

These days Jane’s doubts are mainly about her relationship with Rafael. He is still heavily involved in his work. During child birth class, Rafael gets a work related phone call. He steps out in the middle of class, leaving Jane to finish the class alone.

Jane didn’t want to talk to Xiomara about her doubts with Rafael so she turns to Andie for advice. When Jane was with Michael, they wanted the same things. She’s beginning to realize that she and Rafael don’t really want the same things. Andie advises Jane not to do anything rash, that it’s probably hormones.

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Rogelio’s mom, Liliana, is in town. Rogelio has some demands for his mother’s arrival: iron silk sheets, remove all red items from the kitchen, and lovingly display photos of her around the house. The reason Liliana dislikes Xiomara is because she walked in on them in the middle of getting it on. Liliana was shocked, knocked over a lamp which in turn electrocuted her cat and she’s never forgiven Xiomara for it.

A customer at the hotel is rude to Jane and threatens to have her fired. “I’d like to see you try,” Jane says and walks away. Come to find out, that rude customer is Alexis Falco, the city commissioner. The same city commissioner whom Rafael is to have dinner with that very night to discuss getting back the Marbella’s liquor license. Upon learning that Jane is Rafael’s girlfriend, Alexis Falco decides that she isn’t up for dinner anymore.

JTV 18.2

Graham, Alexis’s husband, invites Rafael and Jane to spend Easter with them in order to smooth things over with Alexis. Jane is heartbroken that she won’t be with her family, but she does the right thing and goes with Rafael.

Petra is still convinced that Aaron Zazo is really Roman Zazo. She goes into Aaron’s room to further investigate. She grabs a glass that Aaron has used and calls Michael to help her investigate.

JTV 18.3

Michael arrives at the hotel to find Jane waiting on Rafael. Jane notices that he’s wearing his “date” sweater. He tells her that he has a date with his ex, Andie. Jane puts two and two together and tries to tell Michael about Andie, but Rafael pops up and they’re off to church.

Petra meets with Michael in her office. He takes the glass with him to run prints to see whether or not they match the prints the police have on Roman. Petra is meeting with Aaron for dinner that night, but she’s afraid.

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