Tatiana Maslany dishes on the new season of “Orphan Black”


The past month has been a nonstop outpouring of teasers, promos, sneak peeks and more as we inch closer and closer to the premiere of the third season of Orphan Black. Even though she’s a busy little bee, Tatiana has given some really great interviews lately about what it’s like having double the clones on set, what’s in store for the sestras, and more. Jim Halterman (Xfinity LGBT) attended a press call with Tatiana Maslany and graciously shared Tatiana’s scoop on Cosima and Delphine’s relationship, whether we’d see Tony again, and other Season 3 tidbits.

Jim started us off on the right foot when he asked Tatiana about Cosima, and how Delphine stepping into Rachel’s vacant role will affect them as a duo. Tatiana explained that the two have always been on opposite sides in some way, and how Delphine has kept Cosima in the dark a few times. She said, “Cosima yet continually trusts Delphine and continues to love her and sort of romanticize what they could be in and I think the two of them really could love to just be able to be together.” However, it doesn’t sound like that’s in the cards for the pair, since Delphine has to watch her own back and Cosima has to side with her sestras. She ends her answer by saying, “I won’t say too much about what happens but it’s—yes, it’s definitely a lot of conflict.”

Which explains the Sadface!Cosima we saw in the promo.

Jim then went on to ask about Tony, and whether we’d see him again this season. She was kind of vague, not wanting to spoil anything, but she did say that she would like to see Tony’s dynamic with Felix explored further, and learn more about Tony’s backstory, saying, “I think there’s a lot to mind there and I think we barely scratch the surface.”

I’m really curious as to whether they do choose to bring him back in, and if so in what respect, since he seemed to garner a very polarizing response. (I personally thought he was great. In need of a haircut, but overall really interesting.)


Tatiana was also asked about Comic Cons and seeing the fan reactions to the show, and as usual, she was very gracious, saying she loves meeting fans and finding out how the show affected them. She says, “We’ve always been really humbled and really inspired by our fans and by their dedication to the show and their knowledge of the show and they’re sort of breaking down analysis of the show and also just how it changes their own lives, their own personal journeys and it’s, like, it’s incredible.”

And you know she’s not just saying that, because she’s always doing little things like giving shout-outs to the Clone Club and Clonesbians, or retweeting fan-made videos, art, etc. She seems genuinely appreciative of our appreciation, which only makes us appreciate her more. It’s a downright lovefest.

(Side note, whenever an interviewer thanked Tatiana for doing the press call, or apologized for stumbling on a word or something, she said “No worries,” like the adorable Canadian she is.)

One thing Tatiana mentioned while talking about Rachel’s evolution in Season 2 that I thought was really interesting was, “I think a lot of these clones are dealing with identity and I think family has a lot to do with identity.” And it’s true, identity has been a recurring theme since day one. Since Sarah realized she didn’t know who she was when presented with the information that she shared faces with someone else; all the girls struggled with their own identity as they realized that they were part of this bigger entity, this experiment, and that the relationships they thought they knew were a lie. And then after realizing the tangled web they are part of, figuring out what that meant about who they were, and trying to figure out who they wanted to be now, within themselves and to each other.

When asked about her favorite scene, Tatiana couldn’t pick just one, but she mentioned Helena’s slow dance in the bar and Alison’s explosion at her intervention as top contenders. She also spoke about the scene in the Season 2 finale where Cosima and Sarah are lying in bed and talking; it’s a rare peaceful moment, and Tatiana says part of the reason she enjoyed that scene was because she got to work with her double, Kathryn Alexandre, instead of with a tennis ball. Tatiana says, “She and I have a real sisterhood between the two of us. So to get to just say those lines together and explore those characters together in this kind of intimate, quiet moment that Sarah never gets, you know, and that Cosima sort of gives her and allows her to have is—was really beautiful and really fun for us to do.”


 Tatiana also spoke to Felix and Cosima’s relationship, and about how it was Jordan who pointed out to her that perhaps Felix didn’t totally trust Cosima for a while. Tatiana says the two of them “have so much in common in terms of sort of, I don’t know, just a shared experience in terms of being lonely and sort of—there’s just like a—I think like a heartache in the two of them.” And now that Cosima is living with Felix (at least for the time being), it seems that relationship will be growing.

From the sounds of it, we have a lot to look forward to in Season 3. Tatiana calls it an “enormous season” and that there will, as always, be so much going on. “And like in seasons past, you know, as soon as you get a little bit of a clue into what’s happening, the rug gets pulled out from under you and you have 1000 more questions,” she says. “So it’s going to continue to be a mystery.”

TATIANA MASLANY PRESSCON 3Everything about this is a mystery.

How pumped are you? We’re less than a week away, so talk to me, clonesbians: What are you hoping to see/expecting to learn/wishing to happen in Season 3?

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