“Louie” and the Angry Lesbians


Thursday’s Season 5 premiere of FX’s Louie featured a lesbian couple, Marina (played by Judy Gold) and Danila, as they embarked on their journey of the birth of their child through surrogacy. The couple, whose child goes to school with Louie’s daughter, host regular pot luck gatherings at their home for the parents of the school. Shockingly, Marina and Danila are not Louie’s biggest fans and are less than thrilled when he calls to say he will be attending the upcoming event, with fried chicken to share.

Louie is greeted at the door by Marina, who takes his plate of chicken all while complaining that he is late and the party is basically over. You can see the look of disgust for this man in her eyes not to mention her body language. Aside from that, the word “asshole” is muttered under her breath at one point during the show which clearly indicates she is not his biggest fan.


As Marina joins her partner, Danila and the few other parents that are left, Louie’s attempts to mingle with the other parents only to offend one of them by telling her his daughter is so much better than her son. He wanders uninvitedly to the conversation Marina and Danila are having with two other women, one who is the surrogate for their unborn baby. Marina proceeds to share with everyone other than Louie that their surrogate will have a natural birth at an upscale birthing center and they want everything about the birth of their son to be as peaceful and organic as it can be. You can see the surrogates look of panic as she thinks about giving birth with no medication and the annoyance when Marina tells the other mother to go ahead and touch her stomach.


When it is finally time to go, Louie and the surrogate mother happen to be leaving at the same time and share an Uber together. As the surrogate mother gets out of the car, Louie asks if he can use her restroom and heads upstairs with her. One thing leads to another and—shocker—they are having sex in her hallway. Now what happens next is not what you think and certainly not what I was expecting. The surrogate mother’s water breaks all over Louie and he is forced to take her to the nearest hospital and she gives birth to Marina and Danila’s son. Not to my surprise, Marina is livid that Louie would have sex with their surrogate AND bring her to a less than worthy hospital compared to the birthing center they had picked out.

The show ends with Louie walking out of the hospital completely confused, Marina fuming about her “son’s face having semen on it” and Danila desperately trying to calm her partner down only to be told to shut up one too many times. 


It was unfortunate that the lesbian characters portrayed on this show seemed like mean and hateful people. Not to mention the way they had Marina speaking to her partner Danila made me cringe. Overall the storyline was funny but the classic “angry lesbian” scenes are getting old.

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