“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.19): That’s Ridickulous


Meredith’s voiceover talks to us about how love is like any other addiction. She’s right. Nothing beats the high of smootching on and getting naked with the person who makes your heart go thump-a-thump. God bless MerDer too, because after ten years together, they are still crazy in love and lust. They have been on a non-stop boneathon since Derek came back. He wants to go another round but Meredith reminds him that they have children and jobs and stuff. Later when they get up, Derek can’t find his White House phone as he rushes out the door to resign his post. They run into an embarrassed Amelia who is just coming home after a night with Owen, with Owen following closely behind. Derek is really nice about the whole thing and even invites Owen in for breakfast. Meredith is a little peeved that Derek didn’t tell her about the budding romance, but she gets over it quickly. Derek heads out to DC and tells her he will be back before she knows it.

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Speaking of love, Maggie is dealing with the exact opposite. Her date with the cute radiologist Ethan went fine, but he never called her and now he’s ignoring her at the hospital. She complains to Alex, wondering what is wrong with her that a guy would go to such lengths to avoid her. Callie pipes in about her date with the cop, saying it was kind of a bust. So what that the guy is a hero, so is she, damnit. Plus, he’s kind of boring and Calliope Torres doesn’t do boring. Ok, was anyone else really surprised by this development? I was sure this dude was going to stick around for a while, and I’m not entirely unconvinced that he won’t. What are your thoughts about it? Tell me in the comments. Anyway, Meredith gently confronts Amelia about sleeping with Owen, telling her that she promised Cristina that she’s look out for him. She warns Amelia to be gentle with his tender, Labrador heart. Really Mer? Last time I looked, Owen was a grown ass man who could handle himself. Amelia excuses herself and Steph greets her, as she is on Team Neuro that day. However, Amelia is feeling moody and tells her to get lost.

Amelia and Callie team up on a young golfing phenom named Marissa. She’s been pushing through her pain for quite some time, but now her lower back is all out of whack and she needs surgery. Amelia tells the driven young athlete that she and Callie will run some tests and determine the best treatment.

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Steph complains to Jo about being tossed off of Amelia’s service, but before too long they are headlong into a case. A woman brings a bleeding man in to the ER. You see, the man’s wife took his best chef’s knife and cut off his penis. His mistress carries the thing in a little doggie bag. The man is a super famous chef, who was sleeping with his sous chef when his wife caught wind. April jumps in to help and suggests calling her mother-in-law Catherine, because she’s the best when it comes to, well, peens. Richard is hesitant to have Catherine so close so her keeps suggesting their in house urologist. In order to save the organ, they need to work fast, and Steph literally sprints through the hospital to get the penis to Jackson. That must have been awkward for all parties. Jackson stays very calm, as Steph nervously and accidentally goes penis pun crazy.

Maggie, who is still hung up on Ethan’s rejection, goes off on a tangent to Alex about how her vagina is like dust in the wind. A tumbleweed on a sexless, prairie plain. It’s kind of a great little monologue.

Steph joins Richard to gather some supplies and she asks how he went about choosing a specialty. For Richard, general surgery choose him. He gives a speech about holding intestines, which does the opposite of inspiring the young resident.

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Callie and Amelia look over Marissa’s charts and they both have very different suggestions about how to approach the surgery. Callie wants a more conservative approach that will be more stable, but not allow for the flexibility Marissa needs to really swing her club. Amelia’s approach is more risky, but she wants to give her patient the chance at a professional career in the sport. Owen pops in and gives his input. He sides with Amelia, probably because he’s seen her boobs.

Ignoring Richard’s advice, April brings Catherine Avery in, who arrives in a helicopter. The two hug warmly, and it’s so wonderful to see how far Catherine and April have come. A warm, loving bond has emerged between them, and it’s just want April needs as she is still healing. Catherine tells April, “I want to see that penis,” and of course, the dude it belongs to. When Catherine inspects the penis, she’s impressed by how well Steph managed to preserve it. The chef of course wants to know if his dick will ever work again, but Catherine has it covered. Richard walks in and is not too happy to see his former love.

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