“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.17): Is it really love?


This week’s episode opens with flashback of a 16-year-old Xiomara arguing with Abuela over whether or not to give a newborn Jane a pacifier. Abuela doesn’t agree with it but Xiomara doesn’t listen to her. Xiomara gives a baby Jane the pacifier to quiet her cries.

Back in the present time, Jane is registering for her baby shower. While at looking at items for her registry, Jane meets an intense mother in the baby aisle. The mother questions Jane about her future birthing and parenting practices. The mother refers Jane to a lactation class she went to and Jane realizes she’s clueless on the whole birthing and parenting knowledge.

Xiomara and Jane attend the Lactation Class and Xiomara is appalled by the new styles of birthing and parenting. She’s used to the old school methods, the way in which she raised Jane. Jane doesn’t want to hear any of that. After the class, Jane goes online to search birthing and parenting practices. Of course she freaks herself out with everything she reads.

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Rafael and Petra are planning a spring break party at the hotel to bring up the revenue. The only problem is that they don’t have the permits needed to have the huge party. Rafael wants to go along as planned with the party but Petra is against it. Rafael won’t back down and Petra gives in.

That afternoon Petra and Aaron Zazo talk over drinks about Aaron’s life. Petra gets personal in her questions, asking if Aaron is strict in following all aspects of his religion, referring to whether or not he’s abstinent. It seems as though Petra is a little sweet on Aaron, which makes total sense since he’s Roman Zazo’s identical twin.

It’s been one week since Abuela and Xiomara have spoken. Xiomara is in love and happy to be living with Rogelio. The problem is, they have yet to say “I love you” to each other. Xiomara tries to drop hints to Rogelio to get him to say “I love you” first. Rogelio being Rogelio, he just doesn’t get it. Xiomara proceeds to tell Rogelio all the things she loves and doesn’t love. One of the things she doesn’t love is all of the framed photos of Rogelio’s mother in the house. Xiomara met Rogelio’s mother three times in 1991, each time being as horrible as the last. Rogelio is upset by Xiomara’s hatred for his mother.

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Later, Jane meets with Andie, Michael’s ex. They still don’t know that each other are Michael’s ex. Andie mentions to Jane that she promised to babysit for her sister. Jane jumps on babysitting for Andie, so she can get the experience. The baby’s name is Luna, which happens to be a name on Jane’s list of baby names. Jane sees this as a sign.

Jane and Rafael meet to discuss baby stuff. Jane is overwhelmed with everything and Rafael is absent because he’s been immersed in his work, leaving Jane to make all of the baby decisions alone. While discussing whether or not to have a Doula during the birth, Rafael gets a phone call needing him to deal with some party stuff.

Shortly after, Andie arrives at Jane’s house with Luna. Luna is asleep. Andie admits that she still stalks her ex, especially after running into him at Calle Ocho. Jane encourages Andie to message him. Taking Jane’s word, Andie messages Michael saying exactly what Jane tells her to. Just then, Luna awakes. Andie realizes she forgot the diapers and runs off to buy some, leaving Jane alone with a soiled, crying baby. Xiomara arrives during the madness. Jane is trying to figure out how to swaddle the crying baby. The scene from the flashback is recreated in this instant with Xiomara telling Jane everything she should be doing for the baby. They get into an argument and Xiomara storms out. Jane figures out how to swaddle a baby and Luna finally stops crying.

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The party is going well. Rogelio arrives with Michael. They’ve become best friends ever since they had that ride along together. Rafael is not at all thrilled to see Michael at his party. Rogelio tells Michael about the argument that he and Xiomara had. He’s not sure why Xiomara is upset with him. He tells Michael what happened during their argument. Michael remembers the time he and Jane first said they loved each other. Jane dropped hints to Michael just like Xiomara tried doing to Rogelio. Michael tells Rogelio that he’s pretty sure Xiomara wants him to say he loves her.

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