“The Good Wife” recap (6.18): The Loser Edit


This week on The Good Wife, Alicia is getting her own TV news profile, complete with narrated slide show stretching all the way back to that awful plaid suit from her stand by her man days (a dark fashion time). Throwback to Alicia’s interview with the journalist creating the profile; Eli pulls her away with a fake phone call to tell her her e-mails might still be leaked if the firm doesn’t apologize to the hackers about their involvement with the suit against last week’s file sharing site. And sure enough, now back in her newsroom the journalist, Petra Mortiz, gets five years of Alicia’s e-mails from an anonymous source and gets Diane to confirm that the firm was hacked. 

At the firm Kalinda greets Mr. Wiley, leashed kids in tow. She ends up in the elevator, but rethinks her trip and goes to Diane, who reveals Mr. Wiley is investigating the possible mishandling of Cary’s case, including the e-mail Kalinda messed with. A quick check with Finn on a “hypothetical lawyer” who presented falsified evidence they didn’t know was false (yeah, Finn, I was totally just watching an old Ally McBeal and it got me thinking…) confirms that Diane could go to jail for presenting Kalinda’s false evidence. 
But Diane knows nothing of her fate when she goes to visit R.D., her old hunting buddy, and his conservative colleagues. He asks for a liberal take on gay marriage, wondering if they should fund a lawsuit on behalf of a baker in California who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding (there’s a completely bizarre blink and you miss it reenactment scene in case viewers wonder what it would look like for two men to go to a bakery together).
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Diane tries to keep things civil and factual, pointing out in California LGBT people are protected from discrimination, but as the conservative cohort keeps calling on religious freedom, it’s obvious Diane’s trying hard not to run out of the room yelling “bigots” over her shoulder. When they start throwing out more hypotheticals she throws them a bone, saying they made a “good point” about a baker’s right to refuse a gay couple a wedding cake but offer them other sweets, and R.D. balks, saying he wants her to fight him, to use her different viewpoint to convince him it’s a bad case to take on (also, he has a gay nephew, the perfect accessory for bigots who are totally just misunderstood).
Back in the newsroom, editing Alicia’s piece takes a turn as the leaked e-mails are edited in (you can tell things are getting rough because the editor throws in aptly labeled “negative music”) including an e-mail from people at the firm accusing Alicia of sleeping her way to the top.
And then it’s time for a follow up interview with Alicia, using the info from the e-mails to start asking questions about the exact nature of her relationship with Will. When Alicia and Eli realize Petra has the e-mails, he calls off the interview.
Back in meeting of the grown-up homophobic bullies from Glee, more hypotheticals mean more reenactments (this is what to gay people would look like in New Mexico! This is what they’d look like in a copy shop!). They seem to stump Diane when they ask if a baker can refuse to write “all gays are going to hell,” on a cake for a Christian customer. Because I lack a legal education I say yes, because cakes are delicious and should not be corrupted by hate speech, but it gives Diane pause. 
In the firm the investigation into Cary’s case gets dicey when Wiley proves the officer couldn’t have deleted the e-mail. He guesses it was the ADA who he was having an affair with, and when he asks Cary and Kalinda if they have any ideas Cary is blissfully blank while Kalinda is guiltily evasive. 
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Back in the edit room Petra and her editor mess with Photoshop as they sprinkle in quotes from the sexy e-mails between Alicia and Will. Eli shows up and challenges her boss on the ethics of releasing a story with hacked e-mails and gets him to agree to hold it for a bit, leaving the journalist wondering if TMZ or Gawker would be interested (100% yes). 
In the den of conservatives Diane gets them to give up the baker’s case by agreeing a possible winnable case is that of a hypothetical homophobic wedding planner.
Wiley’s kids are running wild at the law firm as Wiley interviews Finn, while Kalinda gives him meaningful looks that scream “That hypothetical from earlier was not fodder for my upcoming crime novel!” He flat out asks him if he knows who might have faked the metadata, but Finn denies any knowledge. 
Petra’s boss warns Josh they’ll be running the piece, and listening to NPR on the way home Diane learns the case of the homophobic wedding planner wasn’t hypothetical at all, but the real case R.D. wanted to take up. Shocking news should always be delivered in soothing NPR tones. 
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Finn asks Kalinda for a dollar, not because he really needs a Kit Kat but because he’s solved the mystery of who faked the metadata and he knows she needs a lawyer, and more importantly, attorney-client privilege. He swears her to secrecy, but admits he has no idea how he could get her out of this.

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