Morning Brew – Interracial lesbian couple gets married by the Pope on “BlackBook” cover


Good morning! I had a great time at the Club Skirts The Dinah this weekend in Palm Springs. Photos and video to come for those of you with serious FOMO. 

Dorothy Snarker thinks another L Word may not be so necessary.

Sick of Sarah are playing Warped Tour again this year, but touring the U.S. this spring, first.


The Fab Femme writes about Sassy’s relationship with another femme on Black Ink Crew.

A gay woman writes about being transphobic and then changing her tune over at Elle.

If you’ve ever had a thing for Britney Spears, you’ll appreciate this woman’s piece on her obsession with the pop star.

The UK has denied a Nigerian lesbian’s request for asylum after they decided she’s not a real lesbian. Infuriating!

Five Chinese women are in prison for speaking out in favor of equality, and two of them are lesbians, one bisexual. The New York Times has a piece about them, and All Out is asking for you to sign their #FreeTheFive petition. 

A close friend of Lesley Gore‘s writes about her for the Huffington Post.

Ireland Baldwin is recovering from surgery after getting her appendix removed.

Cosmo went to The Dinah and asked attendees for the hottest trait a woman can have.

A lesbian teen named Claudetteia Love has been told she cannot wear a tuxedo to her prom in Monroe, Louisiana. It’s “against the dress code,” as all women need to wear dresses. Is this the 1930s?

I haven’t seen the new Fast and Furious, but the L.A. Times notes a character named “Michelle (Andrea Navedo channeling Michelle Rodriguez) is a thinly veiled lesbian on the prowl.” Maybe that is enticing to you! (Andrea is Jane’s mom on Jane the Virgin.)

Foxy Merkins writer/director Madeleine Olnek will be hosting a workshop called “Writing Queer Lives for Stage & Screen” in Athens, Ohio today!

BlackBook magazine’s new issue features two women getting married by the Pope on the cover. According to WWD, “BlackBook staff shot the couple, who are models, in London. The magazine used a computer-generated image of Pope Francis blessing them in post-production.”

Blackbook's Spring cover.

Rad Women A-Z is a book women of all ages can enjoy.


Don’t worry about Little Big Town: The controversy surrounding “Girl Crush” has given the song a huge boost in downloads.

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