“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.18): #Blessed


In last week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith was tip toeing the line of becoming dark and twisty again, but then Derek came home, professed his love and Meredith realized she wanted him around after all. Now she’s feeling so #blessed, and she knows how annoying that is. But she had to take stock and as she watched her beautiful kids and her husband’s beautiful hairline, and remembered that she was a fucking genius, she couldn’t help but admit to feeling kind of lucky. That doesn’t mean that Maggie doesn’t kind of want to punch her, which Meredith totally gets.

Greys Anatomy Season 11 Episode 18 Screengrab

Speaking of blessed, Richard working with a bunch of middle schoolers that day. Except, he doesn’t look so thrilled. He’s more like #OverIt. Derek is back at the hospital and once he settles his affairs (no pun intended)  he wants to be back full time. Owen, makes that Golden Retriever face  because he’s worried that Derek can tell that he’s messing around with his sister. He tells Derek to ask Amelia if he can come back, since she’s the big bad neuro boss now.  Oh, and in addition to being cute as a button, funny and a brilliant surgeon, kids love Amelia. She is killing it with the field trip kids. Derek shows up to crash the party, but surprisingly tells the kids with pride that he works for his sister. “My sister’s my boss.” That’s right, new other Shepherd. Derek promises not to be a dick this time and asks Amelia to give him another chance.

Steph is swiping left on Tinder like it’s her job. She dismisses guy after guy and Jo suggests that perhaps she might need to be a little more open, if she ever wants to you know, get laid. #truth

Jackson is trying really hard to be cool with the field trip kids and introduces himself and Ben as the Plastics Posse. In other news, he’s also trying to make fetch happen. The kids are unimpressed. Elsewhere in the hospital, Steph runs into a one of the field trip chaperones who has somehow lost his kids. You had one job! She offers to help him find them, as she giggles and flutters her eyelids.

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 April is next up with the kids and as she is explaining traumas, some cop cars screech up to the door and two bloody and banged up officers are wheeled in. Well, you wanted traumatic, you got it, kids. The students are shuffled away, but not before one of the little girls watches as a cop with a serious neck wound is wheeled by. Of course, now the kids are full of questions and everyone is running to try and assist on the cases. Richard suggests that the class go up to the peds ward and see the adorable babies, and tells Steph to take them.

A cop, who actually carried one of his fallen officers in the building, stands around worried about his friends. It’s Kevin Alejandro, that guy who plays a lot of cops (and gay Jesus on True Blood) and he’s bleeding all over the floor, which Callie notices. She takes him aside to examine him and he’s been shot in the leg. There’s a big chunk of muscle missing, and frankly Callie is impressed by his heroic actions on such an injury. His name is Dan Pruitt, and I get the feeling we’ll be seeing more of him in future episodes. The mother of two of the injured cops arrives at the same time as one of the suspects who has been shot multiple times.

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The field trip class is busy staring at babies, while Arizona tries to adorably humble brag about how she operated one of them in utero. The kids are booooored. Come back to them when you get a YouTube channel or something, Arizona. Alex takes a little delight in how hard Arizona is bombing with them. Babies are not exciting and what the kids want to know about are the cops who were just brought in.

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One of the brother cops, Pete, was shot in the chest. He’s lucid while being comforted by his mother, and he asks if they can throw a big potluck after this is all said and done, with the doctors and everything. He then crashes and the doctors fight to save him.

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