“Arrow” recap (3.18): Wanted


Previously on Arrow, Ra’s al Ghul offered Oliver his job but Oliver refused so Ra’s sent the League of Assassins to dress up as The Arrow and start killing people left and right, including Maseo, who shot the mayor and trained his next arrow on our darling Felicity.

The artist formerly known as Ray McSkeevy dives in front of the window and saves Felicity, thereby losing his nickname and becoming A-ok in my book from this moment forward. Laurel checks on Felicity and is as relieved as I am that she’s not injured.

Screenshot of Felicity in Arrow episode "Wanted"“Weird, I don’t usually need a dude to save me.”

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Ray McSavey. He’s been shot through the heart. Maseo’s to blame. He gives Arrow a bad name.

OK, fine: Ray wasn’t shot through the heart, but he was taken to the hospital for the chest wound. And he’s better off than the mayor, who has been killed. Lance has moved from angry to manic, and has put a warrant out for an Arrow, re-started his anti-vigilante task force, and told pretty much everyone in the city they can shoot to kill the man in the green hood.

Oliver knows what he needs to do next: He needs to find Maseo.

Laurel goes to Lance’s office and they fight about the Arrow. Laurel asks him to trust her when she says he’s not behind these murders, but Lance can’t trust his oldest daughter, not anymore. Lance has had enough of all of the vigilante shenanigans and says he’s putting an end to it tonight.

Thea and Roy are snuggling naked in bed when they see the news story about the warrant and the manhunt, and their sweet fantasies about running away together come crashing down around them.

Felicity is at the hospital, also watching the news, and is just not a happy techie.

Felicity worriedly watches the news She can’t hack it. (Get it?)

Especially since the broadcast manhunt is also calling for all of Arrow’s accomplices. Ray wakes up in his hospital bed, all smiley because who wouldn’t be to have Felicity at their side. The doctor comes in and shuts down smile time by saying he has bad news. Ray has a blood clot in his brain, but he’s too weak for surgery to not be super risky. Ray says no problem, he invented tiny robots called nanotech that can get rid of the clot lickety split. Doc says that even if that didn’t sound like the craziest thing he’s ever heard (and it does), the hospital can’t condone experimental technology or procedures. It’s an insurance thing.

Ray’s not too worried but Felicity is hella stressed. Sara’s body is barely cold, she can’t lose someone else she cares about. But just then, like an angel from heaven, Mama Smoak struts into the hospital room. And Felicity struts her right back out.

In the hallway, Mama Smoak says she heard on the news about Ray getting shot so she came to see her baby girl right away. Felicity starts to give in to the comfort of having her mother there, regardless of their complicated history, when Mama Smoak says, “At least you finally have a boyfriend,” in the way that reminds you that maybe you and your mom will never truly understand each other, but maybe you can get along anyhow if you learn to ignore the ridiculous things she thinks/says/does.

Arrow 318-3 She means well. Usually.

Across town, Oliver meets up with Nyssa in an alley and their conversation goes like this:

Oliver: Maseo is ruining my life.

Nyssa: Bruh, that’s your fault for betraying daddy-o when he offered you his job.

Oliver: And that hurt your feelings real bad right? That you didn’t get the gig?

Nyssa: Not bad enough to piss off my father. DEMON’s head, in case you’ve forgotten.

Oliver: Sara would want you to help me.

Nyssa: Fuck you.

Oliver: *whispers* Saraaa, Saaaara, Saaaaraaaaaa.

Nyssa: Ugh, OK fine.

A few minutes later, Nyssa meets Team Arrow in the Arrow cave with Maseo’s location. They ask her how on earth she did that so fast and she tells them she’s the daughter of the demon, plus also look at her, people tend to just do what she wants. And when they don’t, she breaks them. She warns them that Maseo can fit in the cage she was put in, but he’s not the only one at Ra’s al Ghul’s beck and call.

Arrow 318-4 “I’m surrounded by idiots.”

The team suits up, but Nyssa says she misses Sara but she’s not suicidal so she won’t be fighting the League with them but thanks for asking.

When the team gets to the location, they worry Nyssa set them up, but then Maseo appears with men who he orders to kill them all. It eventually comes down to Oliver and Maseo, but before Oliver can decide whether he wants to knock Maseo out or become the killer the city thinks he is, Ra’s al Ghul interrupts and applauds his efforts. He says Oliver has two choices, take his place or live in a cage.

At first Oliver isn’t sure what that means, but then the police descend and Team Arrow has to make a run for it.

Arrow 318-5Sorry Roy, but this screenshot was for Black Canary.

They jump off a building and run but they keep getting cornered because every cop within driving distance has come in of this manhunt. Oliver makes them separate and Captain Lance ends up cornering the Black Canary. Laurel asks her if he would really kill his last remaining daughter, and he wouldn’t, but he would arrest her. But before he can, Nyssa shows up and shoots the gun out of Lance’s hand, then putting his arm in twist. She saves Laurel, like Sara would have wanted her to.

Arrow 318-6 In-laws, amiright?

Laurel apologizes to her dad and leaves with Nyssa, just like his younger daughter once did.

Oliver eventually manages to get to Diggle’s van and he, too, gets away.

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