“Newlyweds: The First Year recap (2.4): Honeymooning


I have to start with the most exciting news, which is that Sam and Laura tweeted at me last week. I didn’t freak out or anything. Just kidding, I did. They invited me to dinner with them and their dogs, so I’m pretty convinced that these ladies just keep getting cooler.


This week’s Newlyweds episode was a lot more fun for Sam and Abby fans. The couple gets ready for their honeymoon, and then they take us to Cambodia and Thailand with them via their couple cam.


Getting ready for the trip proves to be pretty stressful, mainly because Sam has a serious fear of mosquitos. Sam and Laura start off by visiting a travel doctor and getting shots. Sam wants to be even more cautious, so she buys a mosquito jacket, which I have to say is pretty cute.

Sam bug outfit

I can really relate to Sam’s fears. If I’m being totally honest, I have a “sun protection outfit” that I bought for hiking when I first moved to L.A. It looks a little something like this.

solumbravia solumbra.com

You can never be too prepared.

Sam’s anxiety about the big trip leads her to seeking refuge in her favorite activity, riding horses. Laura talks about how she tries to understand Sam’s anxiety as best she can. This conversation makes them seem like they really know how to balance each other out as a couple. I selfishly wish we would see them have a huge fight so I could feel better about my own relationship.

Sam Horse

While packing, Laura shows off some honeymoon lingerie and they talk about how they are not just friends—they are very attracted to each other. I was glad they brought it up. Sam and Laura get along so well, and they aren’t as PDA as the other Newlyweds couples, and they aren’t constantly peeing on pregnancy test sticks and checking them, so sometimes you do start to view them as friends while you’re watching the show. But they are very invested in keeping the romance alive.


Speaking of romance, Sam and Laura’s honeymoon suite is amazing, and they are pleasantly surprised to find that they do not experience any discrimination on their trip. They get a suite with a big bed, flowers, and Sam even surprises Laura with a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach (very The Bachelor).

beach dinner

Other honeymoon activities include eating pho, riding on elephants, climbing to the top of a temple, and taking lots of photos.

honeymoon laura 4honeymoon sam

elephant 2

Things are going pretty well for these newlyweds, who seem to have it all. Sam even started writing her will, so we know Laura won’t be homeless if Sam falls off her elephant. Next week, we see a sneak preview of the two checking out a “Facebook for sperm donors,” so it looks like they might be looking to expand their family beyond two adorable dogs.


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