“Younger” recap (1.1): Every Girl Needs a Lesbian Best Friend


When you think of TV Land, you might think of sitting on the couch as a kid watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Taxi, or Cheers. But the modern TV Land is spinning a new wheel—they promised a “reinvention” in 2015 and their first stop starts at the front mat of a golden television must-have: single-camera comedies. Meet Younger. Its creator is Darren Star, so you know we’re in good hands. Darren’s influence on/hand in pop culture is a direct result of his history as a TV series creator: He’s responsible for groundbreaking smash series like Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place and Sex & The City.

Younger is based on the book by the best-selling author Pamela Redmond Satron. It stars Sutton Foster as Liza, who may be familiar to ABC Family Bunheads fans. Liza’s in her ‘40s and is recently divorced. She’s decided to try her hand at getting back into work now that her house is on the market and her young adult daughter Caitlin (Tessa Albertson) is off in India on a sabbatical. Only 15 years have passed, which means Liza’s former knowledge of the publishing industry she worked in has vastly changed—we now make websites off Go Daddy, not Angelfire. People meet on Tinder, not in AOL Hometown. Let’s face it: Liza is having the kind of cultural shock that a millennial might face if they could only get online via DIAL UP. After her interview fail, she heads back home to find her real estate buddy showing her house to a few prospective buyers. The woman fears this house is a dead reminder of a woman who collects cats and dies alone. Bite your tongue, House Hunter Sassafras. Women with cats are hot.

1Younger1.1Yeah, well, you know what else cat ladies have? Lots of wine.

And you know that joke about lesbians with cats, right? Enter Maggie, Liza’s lesbian friend (played by Debi Mazar, familiar face to Madonna video and Entourage fans (who was also in Empire Records—thanks for the reminder, Trish Bendix!) Liza and Maggie go to a nearby bar where Maggie requests they order, like, six more of these skinny margaritas, go out dancing, and then split the hit of ecstasy she’s been keeping “since 1998.” Someone get these girls to a rave. Not an EDM kandy Miley Cyrus rave, but an actual rave—from the ‘90s. As soon as Maggie disappears, Liza meets a hunky boy who offers to buy her a shot of whiskey. He introduces himself as Josh (Nico Tortorella, a dude you may recognize from the gory Kevin Williamson show, The Following, where he played a pretend gay.) He’s trying to pull off that white T-shirt Adam Levine look with lots of ink up and down his arms.

1Younger1.2Girl, I got them moves like Jagger.

Liza asks if his tattoos are for life or if he can scrub them off. He seems offended, only for a moment—but as the brown booze goes down, he mentions he tattooed the inside of Lena Dunham’s ass cheek last week, and Liza asks, “Who’s Lena Dunham?” And that’s when his face says it all: Is this girl living under a rock? No, she’s just been “working on a novel” and doing “volunteer work in India” and not having a kid, or a marriage. They share a weird joke about his junk and he says Liza calling his “junk” his “junk” is sexy. He puts his number into her phone only moments before she announces he’s way too young for her and it’s time for her to go. Anyway, could it really work? Maggie says yes.

1Younger1.3You can be 26 and I can have long nails—we do what we want.

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