The’s 2015 March Madness: Best TV Couples, Final Four


For the past three years, we’ve done a March Madness tournament, asking for you to vote on the Best Ever Lesbian Kiss, your favorite lesbian character on TV, and and who would take home a big win in the Lesbian/Bi Hunger Games. (ICYMI, Zoie Palmer is a consistent winner.) This year, we’re asking for your favorite coupling that is currently on TV. That being said we had a few rules to narrow down the playing field:

1. The pairing has to be at least somewhat canon. That means we’re not doing ships this time around—only women who have outright acknowledged feelings in some way (a kiss, a talk, a full-blown relationship.) They could be broken up or not together currently, but there is still a chance they could get back together.

2. They have to be alive.We love our Sara Lances and Leslie Shays, but we won’t see them again unless it’s in flashbacks, so we’re sticking with women who are alive—at least for now. (*glares at TV writers*)

3.  The show has to still be on air. Canceled shows that have fully run their course (i.e. Parenthood) were also ineligible.

We aren’t doing any of this to be mean, just to narrow it down because we are blessed with so many options on television, and we have to pare down! We selected the best of the best, our favorites and yours, and we now invite you to vote in the first round of the 2015 March Madness: Best TV Couple.

NOTE: We are in the Final Four, which means you have had the difficult task of narrowing down some truly amazing couples to these last two groupings. In the last round, it was brought to our attention that some unsportsmanlike conduct was happening. This sort of thing really spoils the spirit of fun and fair competition. So, with that in mind, if we hear that any funny business is happening with these final polls, we will be forced to disqualify that poll. Nobody wants to see that happen. OK, now that that’s all settled, here are the standings. 


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