“Hart of Dixie” recap (4.10): Bluebell


Season 4 of Hart of Dixie is coming to a close. I can’t speak for all lesbian fans of the show but, in my eyes, there have been moments to celebrate and also those of disappointment. To see a lesbian couple in a show set in a small town in a state with such deep roots in conservatism and Southern values is quite significant.

As a teenager, seeing a mainstream television show like Hart of Dixie would’ve made a great difference in my life. One of our readers has referred to the Crickett and Jaysene storyline as a “missed opportunity” and, although my commentary may seem optimistic, I tend to agree. Am I thankful to have seen Crickett come out and begin a relationship with Jaysene? Of course. But, I believe had Crickett been allowed the screen time she deserved–to take us along for the ride as she navigates her life as a newly out lesbian– Hart of Dixie would’ve been greatly enriched. Alas, when it comes to season 4, we were given breadcrumbs. I think we enjoyed the breadcrumbs, but they failed to satisfy our appetites.

Last episode, the world did not end, but life as Bluebell had previously knew it did–as George Tucker left for new career opportunities in Nashville. Wade and Zoe did not get engaged, but Lemon and Lavon did. Will Zoe make another proposal attempt? How will Annabeth fare in a long distance relationship? Will Lavon fess up to the fact that what Lemon perceived to be a romantic proposal was nothing more than the couple being at the right place at the right time (or the wrong place at the wrong time, depending on how you look at it)? And as for the couple we really care about: Will Jaysene and Crickett get more than 15 minutes of screen time?

The season finale opens with Zoe attempting (and failing) to clarify with Wade how she quickly evolved from never wanting to get married to wanting to get married to planning a proposal, which was mistakenly hijacked by Lavon and Lemon. Although Zoe is ready to marry Wade, she feels strongly that it should be put on hold in an effort to avoid stealing Lemon’s thunder. Given Zoe’s rocky history with Lemon, Zoe would prefer to avoid any further dissension. Zoe wants to allow Lemon her time to enjoy being engaged and in the Bluebell spotlight. Wade is not quite convinced as to what bearing Lemon and Lavon’s relationship should have on his and Zoe’s.


Lemon and Lavon gush over breakfast pastries about how happy and content they are together. Zoe and Wade interrupt the exchange of sweet talk. Zoe continues to keep up the charade, but Wade seems annoyed at the thought of having to put off his future plans in the name of keeping the peace. In an extremely heartwarming gesture, Lemon requests that Zoe be her bridesmaid. Zoe is expectedly shocked at Lemon’s kind offer. Lemon insists that their past is “water under the bridge” and Zoe accepts. The girls leave and Wade scolds Lavon for the considerable inconvenience he’s caused. Lavon tells Wade that, although, he had no concrete plans to propose, he truly wanted to marry Lemon and that the events of their engagement were nothing short of “fate intervening.”

There’s a new girl in town that has a history much like that of Zoe’s. Zoe meets with Olivia, an attorney from New York who has relocated to Alabama. Olivia, much like Zoe, is hysterical over the transition because “snakes” and “everything’s fried.” As the original Zoe gets acquainted with the new Zoe, the original Zoe is surprised to learn that Brick plans to hire a new associate at their medical practice.

If you didn’t read my recap from last week’s episode, ya need to immediately, if not sooner: If for no other reason than to join me in a collective pat on the back for yours truly. I offered that Jaysene and Crickett deserve a U-haul moment. They’ve been dating almost all season, worked through silly, little fights, all the while seeming to remain close and connected. Well, ladies, turns out the Universe was listening and my request was granted. Crickett and Jaysene meet with Annabeth to share their happy news. They are moving in together and their excitement is nothing short of contagious. Remember when you moved in with your first girlfriend and how ecstatic you felt at the prospect of sharing a tiny apartment with that special girl you just couldn’t stand to be away from? This moment–although brief–will take you right back. While Annabeth struggles to mask her sadness over missing George, it is clear that she is thrilled for her friends as they move along in their relationship.


George makes a concerted effort to play referee as the Truitt brothers and Meatball argue over who gets what. Oh how quickly the small town, good ol’ boys have turned into high maintenance divas.

Zoe pays a visit to the clinic hoping to get the deets on the new doctor in town–only to find that Dr. Halston has taken over her office and Brick is nowhere to be found. The new doctor shows his true misogynistic colors when he condescendingly presumes Zoe must be a nurse. Zoe is finally able to confront Brick face to face with regard to Caveman Halston and what she assumes is her imminent termination. Brick corrects her assumptions and explains that he hired Halston in an effort to relieve himself and Zoe, so they can be free to spend more time with baby Ethel and baby Hart-Kinsella. In a touching moment, Brick reveals the new clinic sign, which states “Breeland & Hart” and expresses how proud he believes Zoe’s father would be of her accomplishments.


Dr. Halston interrupts Brick as he is working to plan Lemon and Lavon’s engagement party to be held at Fancie’s. Dr. Halston has treated a group of patients with food poisoning due to the consumption of some bad cheese–all of whom are part of the wait staff at Fancie’s. Magnolia offers that they should inform Lemon of the bad news, but Brick insists that they can find replacements for the wait staff on their own and Lemon need not be made aware. Brick meets with Bluebellians to request their assistance without much success. Having realized that finding capable people to fill in may be quite a task, he asks Wade to keep Lemon occupied.


In a heartwarming exchange, Rose shares the happy news of her plans to attend Columbia with Zoe. Rose communicates her admiration and gratitude to Zoe. Zoe has been Rose’s glimpse of the world outside Bluebell and given her a strong woman to look up to.

George arrives in Bluebell for a visit and some quality time with his long distance love. While we may have been skeptical of how Annabeth and George would fare as a couple living in different cities, their greeting tells us that the spark between them has survived–at least for now.

Demonstrating his incapability to effectively occupy Lemon without her catching on to the charade, Wade enlists her assistance in a Rammer Jammer beer run. Considering that Lemon made it past third grade, she sees through Wade’s poor attempt at keeping her occupied and demands that he tell her the truth. So, he does.

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