“Arrow” recap (3.17): In Felicity We (Should) Trust


Previously on Arrow, Felicity and Ray started dating despite my continued hope that Sara will rise from the grace, ARGUS formed a special force made up of ex-cons called the Suicide Squad, and Oliver refused Ra’s al Ghul’s offer to take over the League of Assassins which lead to Ra’s dressing up as the Arrow and killing people in his name.

We begin at Diggle and Lyla’s wedding, where Oliver is being the Worst Best Man and Felicity is being the loveliest little techie around.

Arrow 317-1Pay no attention to the man behind the Felicity.

Ray is her plus one, and Diggle whispers a dad-like threat in his ear about not hurting Felicity. Oliver turns on his rich-boy charm and is overly polite while shaking Ray’s hand, doing his very best not to let his heartbreak show through. Thanks to a last-minute change of plans and Ray conveniently already being an ordained minister, he ends up marrying Diggle and Lyla, being funny and lovely, and damn if I can figure out why I don’t like him. I actually went so far to look up what else Brandon Routh has been in to see if it was residual anger, but I don’t think that’s it. I think I have just developed a genuine distrust for new characters from watching shows like Pretty Little Liars.

At the reception, Oliver asks Laurel why she’s wearing a cast and Laurel says that her new trainer is…enthusiastic and it’s wearing out her wrist (eh hem) but doesn’t tell him that it’s Nyssa. Felicity joins them and tells Laurel that she caught the bouquet and they got all up in each other’s personal space and I didn’t hate it. 

Arrow 317-2 I’m unabashedly desperate for more lady-loving on this show.

Oliver tells Felicity that Ray seems like a good guy, and that as long as she’s happy, he’s happy, because that’s all he ever wanted for her. He seems to genuinely mean it, but before they can get into it, Team Arrow’s phones go off because of breaking news that the Arrow has returned to his murderous ways, which they all know is simply untrue.

They head back to the Arrow Cave and watch a press conference in which Captain Lance is ready to hang the Arrow up by his tights and Laurel is shouting lawyer words like “insubstantial evidence.” Ray takes over then and says either way, they need to apprehend the Arrow and bring him to trial and that’s that. Because owning Palmer Tech gives him more pull than being police captain or district attorney, apparently.

Oliver knows that this is Ra’s trying to force him into taking the offer to be the next Demon’s Head, but he’s not going to back down that easily. He asks Felicity to keep an eye on crimes so they can try to beat the Fake Arrow to the punch, but sends Diggle and Lyla on their honeymoon. They are reluctant, but eventually agree.

Unfortunately that’s not what was in the cards for them, because when they get in their limo, Deadshot is waiting there for them. He takes them to Amanda at A.R.G.U.S. and she tells them there’s a US Senator stuck in a hostage situation in Kasnia that Lyla has to take care of immediately. Diggle says it’s their honeymoon so he’s going with her, and asks who besides Deadshot will be joining them. And right on cue, Cupid flies in.

Arrow 317-3 I mean, who better for a honeymoon mission?

While they head to the hospital where the Senator is being held, Cupid asks Lyla about details of her wedding like they’re at brunch. She talks about her own dream wedding to the Arrow, and Deadshot teases her for being out of her gourd, both for believing she’s going to marry the Arrow, and for believing the life they lead can include any kind of love life at all, let alone family.

Roy tries to make a plan to get all the hostages out but Lyla tells her that the Senator is the only one they were sent to extract, because the hostages aren’t US Citizens, much to Diggle’s chagrin.

Roy uses his underground sources to find a likely target but Oliver won’t let him come on the mission because the League of Assassins is a bit out of his…well, league. So Oliver goes alone to find the Fake Arrow, who is killing drug dealers who were transporting drugs inside STUFFED PANDA BEARS. Truly the worst crime. Oliver fights the Fake Arrow and rips off his hood, but it’s just a random Assassin, and soon more Fake Arrows appear. Oliver fights them all and manages to take them all down. Maseo appears and says the Fake Arrows are Hydra—wait, wrong show. He says the Fake Arrows are like a hydra, and cutting one off just results in the respawning of two more. Maseo tells Oliver to just give into Ra’s and accept the offer, then disappears in a cloud of smoke, taking the Fake Arrows with him.

Meanwhile, Ray and his Supersuit to fly to the drug deal and uses the tech to scan the Arrow’s face and identify him as one Oliver Queen.

Felicity goes back to Ray’s office, where he tells her that Oliver Queen is the Arrow. Caught off guard and not the best liar, she’s like “wut,” but he knows she’s been working with the Arrow; it explains almost all of her shifty behavior. She pinky promises that Oliver didn’t kill the people he’s being accused of killing, and begs Ray to just trust her on this one.


Felicity says Ray has no idea how much Oliver has lost, and how much he has fought to change and grow. Seeing her pupils form into little hearts, he asks her if she has feelings for Oliver, and her knee-jerk reaction is yes, but what she meant was she has feelings like “trust” and “pride” for him, and the romantic feelings are in the past.

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