Who is A? Our Top 5 “Pretty Little Liars” Big Bad Suspects


After five seasons, a thousand texts, and countless feathered accessories worn by Aria, we are FINALLY going to learn who A is! It’s like Christmas in March! Fans have filled countless forums with detailed conspiracy theories and assumptions, treating every episode of PLL like it’s the Zapruder film. Now, I’m going to give you my top five A theories. Like Toby Cavanaugh, I googled “how to be a police” so I’m basically a detective now.

Let me start by saying that, despite some compelling evidence from our readers, I do not think any of the Liars are A. They’ve all been almost murdered too many times for me to believe that any of them are a legit threat. I also don’t think that Alison is A either…what kind of A gets themselves convicted of murder? More like a B, am I right? I’ll see myself out.

1. Toby CavanaughPLL_Toby

Reasons Why He’s A: Toby has already been a member of the A team, and has proved that he will go to any lengths necessary to find out the truth about his mother’s death. Also, I feel like his butt-chin hints at some sort of connection with Jason DiLaurentis. Maybe he’s the mysterious half brother/twin Charles? Also, A has been leaving plenty of messages for Ali in prison, and who would have more access to prison than a cop? Maybe that black mask A is always wearing over their face is a FULL FACE DO-RAG.

Reasons Why He’s Not: Since Toby has already done a stint on the A team, it would be a bit of a rehash for him to be A. Also, how rough would that be for Spencer? She might want to pre-book her suite at Radley if that comes to pass.

2. Detective Tannertanner

Reasons Why She’s A: I feel like A is going to be a character we’ve always known, someone who has been lurking just below the surface. The reveal would hardly have any impact if it was a total stranger underneath that mask. And Tanner has been there since the beginning, quietly antagonizing the Liars and Rosewood.

Reasons Why She’s Not: Tanner is the only effective cop in Rosewood, and perhaps she continually investigates the Liars because they are shady as fuck. I mean, these girls are covering crime scenes with their fingerprints and tampering with ALL the evidence. Also, Tanner is the only cop in Rosewood not involved in sexual blackmail or a relationship with a teenager, sooo…

3. Wren KingstonWren

Reasons Why He’s A: Wren is a straight-up creepster. He macked on his fiancee’s underage sister (which, GROSS) and he kissed Hanna. Come on, dude. And as the only doctor in all of Rosewood, he has access to everyone’s medical files, not to mention all the drugs needed to make the entire town unconscious. He allowed Cece Drake to visit Mona in Radley. He got drugs for Ian after he fell out of the bell tower. Basically, his middle name should be “malpractice.”

Reasons Why He’s Not: Wren lives in London now, which would make it hard for him to be all over Rosewood planting Mona dolls in mangers. I mean, he could outsource his dirty deeds, but the international charges on all those texts must be murder.

4. Caleb RiversCaleb-Rivers

Reasons Why He’s A: Caleb is the ONLY significant other of the Liars who hasn’t been under scrutiny. And he’s been there since the beginning. We know that he was originally bribed by Jenna to get close to Hanna. He is also a hacker with former criminal ties. Most damningly, he has earned the trust of Spencer Hastings, which only a sociopath can do.

Reasons Why He’s Not: Caleb has been genuinely devoted to Hanna, and a good friend and ally to the Liars. Also, he probably isn’t A since he got his own spin-off show, right? It’s hard to be A when you’re busy being a civil war ghost soldier man in Ravenswood. Or is it easier? I don’t even know, you guys.

5. Jenna Marshalljenna-marshall

Reasons Why She’s A: Jenna is easily the person who has suffered the most at the hands of Ali and the Liars. She forced Toby to sleep with her, and has manipulated her share of dirty cops. She drove Emily around on the Night of a Thousand Things. And she seems to be some sort of lesbian wizard who convinced Shana to betray Ali. Also…bitch can see.

Reasons Why She’s Not: Bitch actually can’t see anymore, as her vision is allegedly going. She also got almost drowned in the Mask Lake and seems genuinely scared that someone is after her. Also, remember when Aria slapped her glasses off her face? That’s not evidence of anything, that’s just one of my favorite moments.

So, who do you think is the real A? Tweet me your thoughts @chelseaprocrast and tune in for what will likely be the most exciting #booradleyvancullen tweetfest since Paige wore that tuxedo.

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