“The Walking Dead” recap (5.15): Try


In the wake of Aiden’s death, his family is in a state of mourning—listening to his shitty “Run Mix” and lighting every candle in the house. Deanna hugs a pillow while Reg cries. Meanwhile Carol is making a casserole with their name on it and Sasha is losing her marbles in the watchtower. A knock brings Deanna to her front door, where the casserole and a note that reads “We’re all truly sorry” are waiting. She leaves the casserole behind and takes the note inside to burn it. But there’s a bigger fire to put out—Aiden’s buddy Nicolas is telling Deanna that the incident that happened with Glenn, Noah, Tara and Eugene was their fault, not his. In therapy, we may call this “projecting.” But in The Walking Dead, and in Alexandria, it’s testimony. What will Sheriff Rick Grimes have to say? And what does Deanna feel is the truth? But most importantly, is Tara alive?!?!

5WalkingDead15.1That’s the last time I take these douchebags on a run.

They don’t want to tell us yet. In the meantime, Rick and Carol have some things to discuss. Sam, Jessie and Pete’s kid has come back to tell Carol more about the abuse happening at his home. He alleges that his mom makes him go into his closet, with a dead bolt on the inside, and hide there through the night while Pete beats Jessie. It’s a compelling story, but is there any chance Sam is lying? We know Pete looks like a creep, but is Sam just after more of Carol’s cookies? I want to believe he’s telling the truth. The kid wants more than cookies, he wants a gun, too. That wasn’t exactly in my afternoon snack wish list when I raided the pantry after school.

Rick spots a red balloon tied to a kids’ toy in the pond and suddenly hears Pete’s voice behind him. Clenching the gun with his angry fingers, Rick tells Pete to keep walking. Pete, the smiley, dopey guy shifts mood when he sees Rick isn’t messing around—does he know Rick knows? Good Cop Rick knows he has to take this to Deanna; he won’t let it fester and take matters into his own hands. Decisions are made differently now that the group is in Alexandria. Deanna stands in front of her son’s grave in a completely smashing, all-black outfit. Maybe you didn’t catch on yet, but Deanna is a shark whippersnapper and she’s not humored by Rick’s suggestion that they execute Pete. She defends that he’s a life-saving surgeon who might be saving the life of Tara as we speak.

So, Tara is still fighting for her life! Rosita confirms it when she knocks on Michonne’s door to inform her that Sasha’s been sleeping out in the watchtower all night. They head out into the woods—the first time either of them have been out since they arrived. Michonne notes that it feels different, and Rosita says that’s a good thing. But it’s hard to be sure what’s good when everyone’s wearing cardigans and their hair is super clean from a volumizing conditioner. They see evidence of Sasha and her trademark back-of-the-head shot at the walkers. Still, there’s no sign of her.

5WalkingDead15.2 Michonne, you didn’t even bring your sword?

Carl is also out in the woods—but he’s having a much, much better time. He’s been pretty sly about following Enid (Katelyn Nacon), the girl he met at his new buddy’s house on the first day everyone got to Alexandria, but Enid’s a smart girl with outside-Alexandria cred, too, so she’s not only outrunning Carl, she’s also his perfect match. I don’t want to simplify this very sweet adolescent moment, but the running that takes place between Carl and Enid as they dash through the woods with smiles on their faces is very Twilight (sans K-Stew, of course). They settle up by a fallen log and get to talking about their dreams of the forest and the natural high of being on the outside—kids roaming free, running—when a nearby pack of walkers begins to crunch over the brittle ground. Their alert-faces go on, and they duck out in a hollow tree stump. Note to self: Go back in time and play “Seven Minutes in Heaven” with your middle school crush in a hollow tree.

5WalkingDead15.3 All I wanna get is a little bit closer.

Enid whispers in Carl’s ear: “This is their world, we’re just living in it.” Carl touches her hand and she smiles. “You’re scared of me, too.” No, Enid—he’s not scared of you; he’s feeling funny down there in the pantalones. He wants to kiss you and you probably want to kiss him. I think this episode just gifted us with a sexy teen love subplot. I’ll take that over Carol making little boys pee their pants.