“Hart of Dixie” recap (4.9): Sensible Sensibility


A sense of peace and quiet have settled into Bluebell as lingering disputes are finding resolution. Wade and Zoe are dealing with issues as they arise in preparation for their Alabama boy’s arrival. George and Annabeth’s courtship is right on track. And even Lemon and Lavon have, at last, rekindled their love. We’ve seen bits and pieces of Crickett and Jaysene’s romance, but their presence was deeply missed last episode. Queer lady HOD fans are hoping to see a positive outcome for this super-cute lesbian couple.

Episode 9 opens with a strange beginning. Annabeth has a dream in which the founder of Bluebell pays her a visit and offers predictions that suggest the world as Bluebell knows it will be coming to an end. In true Annabeth fashion, she recounts her experience to Crickett as nothing more than a silly, meaningless dream of which Fancie’s spicy shrimp may have been the culprit. Although Annabeth has given her dream no more than a passing thought, Crickett is quite concerned about the future.


A fun, but slightly awkward brunch is shared between Bluebell’s favorite three hetero couples: Lemon and Lavon, Wade and Zoe, and George and Annabeth. Although the demonstration of friendship seems genuine, it appears that a bit of tension remains.

While Zoe and Wade have demonstrated their ability to face disagreement head on and come to a solution together, it sounds like one very important discussion has yet to be had–marriage. Although Zoe declined Wade’s proposal earlier in the season, Wade may have assumed that wedding bells could still be in their future, with a little time. It is clear that his prior presumption was wrong as Zoe communicates her fundamental disagreement with the institution of marriage. She believes it is a patriarchal arrangement designed to be nothing more than a business settlement between men. The bride-to-be is simply a bargaining chip whose value is based on the financial standing of her family. Hart of Dixie is not exactly a champion for feminism, but I do appreciate Zoe’s evolved perspective on women and their place in this world.

Crickett and Jaysene take a stroll around Bluebell while holding hands as we die of cuteness. Crickett shares with her love of Annabeth’s recent ominous dream. Jaysene comforts Crickett and insists that she is certain that Annabeth’s dream is nothing to worry over. Crickett thanks Jaysene for “being the sensible one,” which suggests that Crickett may have found a good match. Jaysene is called in to work due to a water main break. Is this a portion of Annabeth’s dream being realized? Crickett and Jaysene must’ve picked up on the fact that we’ve missed them like the deserts miss the rain; their reappearance is much appreciated.


Lemon and Lavon reflect on Wade and Zoe’s latest disagreement. They take the opportunity to address their desires for the future; both agree that marriage is something they hope for, but there is no rush. They have “all the time in the world.” The couple is interrupted by Crickett’s concern for the end of the world. Lavon and Lemon seem undisturbed by Crickett’s anxiety and make dinner plans.

Crickett continues to spread her apprehension for the future around town. Annabeth and Lemon speak to her regarding her dramatic behavior and insist that Annabeth’s dream was just that – a dream – and nothing more. Crickett defends her actions by explaining the importance of informing Bluebell of Annabeth’s dream as it allows the community an opportunity to take care of things they may have been putting off. Crickett places particular emphasis on making amends, reminding Annabeth and Lemon of “smelly Marjorie”–a fellow high school cheerleader who was kicked off the squad due to her odor. They each agree that their treatment of Marjorie was unacceptable and they have carried guilt over this for years. They devise a plan to track down Marjorie in Pensacola to apologize for their poor behavior.


Wade and Lavon have a chat at the Rammer Jammer and Wade reminds us that, while Zoe has evolved past mindlessly stereotyping women, Wade might greatly benefit from a Women’s Studies class or two. Wade seems like a nice enough guy who deeply cares for Zoe, but I am growing weary of his passive misogyny. Wade is mystified by Zoe’s latest assertions with regard to marriage. Don’t all women want to get married? Don’t all little girls dream of their wedding? For someone who has a reputation for being with his share of women, he remains quite clueless on our gender. As Lavon and Wade discuss their relationships, the chaos brought on by Annabeth’s dream continues as Bluebellians fear that this may be their last day on earth.

George’s car breaks down on his way to Meatball’s show in New Orleans. In true feminist fashion, Zoe shows up to rescue her stranded friend. Zoe offers to drive George to the show in exchange for his advice on how to convince Wade to change his mind on marriage.

Pandemonium over end of times is addressed at the gazebo led by Tom and Wanda. Bluebellians plan to check off bucket list tasks–varying from “doing it in the gazebo” to getting an ill-advised tattoo. Brick and Lavon discuss their concern over the mass chaos that seems to be ensuing throughout town and attempt to discourage some of the bizarre reactions to the prediction. Lavon announces that food and drinks are on him this evening at the Rammer Jammer in an attempt to distract Bluebellians from their hasty and foolish plans.

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