Morning Brew – Ilana Glazer talks about sexy tension with Abbi on “Broad City”


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The Hollywood Reporter reviewed queer doc The Amina Profile.

Filmmaker Moira Morel is fundraising for her new short, Vamonos, which tells the ” funny, touching, personal story about Hope, a gay latina that is mourning the death of her butch girlfriend, Mac. When Hope learns that Mac’s mother plans on burying her in a dress, Hope and her friends realize they must take matters into their own hands.” This fun video has people being asked about the plans they have for their bodies after they die. (It’s funnier than it sounds.) Vamanos is being produced by Project Involve, a diversity centered film program put on through Film Independent.

Ilana Glazer knows that Broad City fans ship her with Abbi on the show.

“We don’t plan too far in advance until we get into the writer’s room. We’re OK with that tension there, that something in comedy being a conversation between the artist and the audience, and the audience really wants that. We don’t have plans; we like to get into the room and improvise. But it’s interesting to even think about that coming to fruition. We just consider that part of their friendship at this point. Anything can happen.”

The Cut & New York Magazine's Fashion Week Party

Out comic Judy Goldman loves lesbians and being told she’s hot.

A recording of 27, the opera about Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas ,is now available for your aural pleasure.

The Pacific Standard unpacks why gay men and lesbians don’t live in the same areas.

IndieWire talked with Natasha Lyonne and Judy Greer about Fresno.

tello has a new series called #telloTellAllThursday, where Carmilla star Kaitlyn Alexander recaps some of tello’s web series.

Marlene King is adapting another book,Rebecca Serle’s Famous In Love,  for ABC FamilyBella Thorne will play  “a college student plucked from obscurity to star in a major Hollywood movie franchise who struggles with her new-found fame.”

Tegan and Sara were guests on Sultan + Shepard’s On the Road podcast.

Gorgeous couple Ali and Cass Bird and family are featured on The Glow.


Vanity Fair says Glee taught this valuable lesson: “Give in to Your Lesbian Tendencies.”

Worker’s World reviews Shelley Ettinger‘s lesbian romance novel Vera’s Will.

NSFW for beautiful: 10 Beautiful, Unretouched Photos of Gender-Fluid Women.

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