“Arrow” recap (3.16): Fight or flight


Previously on Arrow, Thea found out she killed Sara and told Laurel, who understood and blamed Merlyn, in fact everyone and their mom (or lack thereof) hates Merlyn, Thea so much so that she sold him out to Nyssa, but Oliver captured the beautiful assassin and went to save his sister’s father.

Ra’s al Ghul captures Oliver and he pleads for Diggle’s life, but Ra’s isn’t in a murdering mood today. Instead, he wants to offer Oliver the role of Demon’s Head. Oliver is rather confused but Ra’s shows him around Nanda Parbat and all the fancy things he has, but Oliver is not impressed and still just wants answers. Ra’s tells him that being the Arrow isn’t enough, that in order to make a real difference, you need a league of people who will do anything you ask. He tells Oliver that someday the city he fights to protect will turn on him, hunt him, and eventually kill him.

Back at the Arrow cave, Thea hands Nyssa a sword, but Nyssa just takes it and storms out of her cage. Nyssa doesn’t believe Thea’s confession until she explains about Merlyn and the drugs. Nyssa tells her that killing her even though she had no free will wouldn’t be justice, Merlyn is the only one who has to pay for this crime.

Arrow 316-1 “We need all the strong female characters we can get.”

Laurel enters at this moment and misreads the situation and swoops in to save Thea. Nyssa almost bests them but Roy shoots her with a tranq before she can escape. Laurel asks how Nyssa got out and Thea shrugs and says they must cover lock picking in assassin school.

At Nanda Parbat, Ra’s shows Oliver his fountain of youth, and explains that he’s becoming immune to the water and his immortality is reaching an end. He tells Oliver that he can dream bigger than Starling City, that he can have a massive army that fights for his cause, for him. Oliver points out that it’s not called the League of Hugs and Puppies but Ra’s says he can make it whatever he wants. Oliver asks what happens if he refuses, and Ras’ says he will be free to go, debts forgiven, blood oaths waved, and probably not any further trouble caused but don’t quote him on that one. Oliver thinks this sounds legit so he takes Diggle and Merlyn and goes home.

Thea comes home to find Oliver waiting for her and they exchange their traditional glad-you’re-not-dead hug. Thea is surprised he doesn’t look like he was used as a human punching bag, and Oliver points to the unconscious Merlyn on her couch. Thea is not pleased, but Oliver tells her to just let him heal and maybe make sure he stays alive.

Arrow 316-2Hi ho, hi ho, off to kill my dad I go.

When Diggle and Oliver are alone in Arrow HQ, he asks Oliver what exactly happened back in Nanda Parbat but Oliver tells him not look a gift life in the mouth. But when Felicity and Laurel see him, they don’t let him off so easily and give him hell for running off like that. Again. Felicity specifically wants to know how on earth he’s still breathing.

Arrow 316-3God, Felicity, you can’t just ask someone why they’re alive.

Oliver lets Nyssa out of her cage and she’s suspicious because she knows her father didn’t trade anyone’s life for his daughter’s, but Oliver is like “Jeez why is no one just taking their freedom and running with it?” and sends her away. Oliver turns to his team and says that Starling City needs a reminder that Team Arrow has its back. Felicity finds them a robbery in progress and they suit up to save the day.

The robbery is being committed by a band of thieves being led by a man with his mouth sewn shut, because no one in Starling City is ever just a run-of-the-mill bad guy.Team Arrow shows up and shuts things down but a few of the baddies got away with crates full of loot. Instead of passing out ‘good jobs’ for the guys they did manage to take down, Oliver tells Laurel she needs more training, to which she rolls her eyes and hard.

Captain Lance comes out into the alley of the police station to find four of the robbers wrapped and left on his doorstep. The Arrow tells him about the robbery but Lance is pissed. He’s 1000% done working with the Arrow, because he let himself be convinced that vigilantism was okay, but then he was lied to about the life status of his own daughter. So he will do it no more. Sad Oliver is sad about it.

Meanwhile, in Ray’s office, Felicity is busy being all smart and gorgeous.

Arrow 316-4 Smart is sexy.

They’re flirting when Oliver stops by and sort of awkwardly interrupts to ask Felicity for her help finding the lead robber, trying to ignore the crack beginning to form on his heart. Felicity finds out the man goes by Murmur and he got his mouth sewn shut to heighten his other senses and focus the mind like meditation. (I’ve heard incense works just fine, sir.) Oliver confesses about the Captain Lance fallout, and hates that he lied to him about Sara for so long. Felicity asks if he’s sure he’s okay, and reaches out to touch his arm, but that just makes the crack on his heart spread and threaten to break him in half, so he excuses himself immediately.

Laurel stops by Thea’s apartment and feigns interest in her well-being, but Thea knows she’s only here to see Malcolm.

Arrow 316-5Try not to get too distracted by my midriff.

But honestly Laurel is worried about Thea, because trying to have your own father killed doesn’t exactly scream mental stability. Thea wishes she never found out that Merlyn was her father and that she’s jealous of Laurel and her normal, loving, alive father who loves her and shows it without weapons.

Merlyn starts to stir so Laurel scoots and Thea goes over to tell him that she’s sorry not sorry about selling him out to the League. She’s messed up and it’s all his fault. She just begged her brother’s ex-girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend to kill her for crying out loud! He was supposed to make her stronger, to protect her from hurt, but instead he made everything worse. He knows how much she wants to kill him, so he tells her to do it, and to make it swift.

Arrow 316-6 Thea with a knife is way more attractive than it should be.

But she’s not him, so she walks away instead.

Nyssa goes to see her father, demanding to know why Malcolm Merlyn lives and breathes. Ra’s explains the offer he made to Oliver and Nyssa’s anger level goes off the charts. Why in seven hells would he pick an outsider to succeed him instead of his own flesh and blood? She asks – no, tells him that it’s because of Sara, and he once again explains: It wasn’t because she loved another woman, it wasn’t because she loved Sara in particular, it was because she loved. She had feelings and it made her weak, that even now her devotion to Sara is clouding her judgement. Nyssa tells her father that she does not plan on sticking around and watching all this nonsense unfold.



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